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Content notes for "Watching The Water Department"

Here are the content notes for "Watching The Water Department."

The related show to Semolina Lane is The Water Department, which has a nonviolent superhera character. The fictitious Honeybea has wings for Flight. She produces a translucent waxy substance which is slippery on a floor or can be used to make an enclosed cell for containing the bad guys or smaller objects. Another substance resembles honey; when applied to another character, it changes their mindset from negative to positive. Her tagline is, "Honey says sweeten up!" The foreign language taught through the show is French, with influence both from Canadian French in the Detroit area and from Cajun French in the Easy City metroplex.

People speak French dialects in France and around the world. These include Quebec French, Muskrat French (of Detroit), Louisiana French, African French, and Français populaire africain.

A rain garden collects runoff to prevent problems. Learn how to plant one that works.

In northwest Syria, 500 mm (20 in) of rain per year fall in Idlib, and 330 mm (13 in) in Aleppo. In the west, 430 mm (17 in) fall in Homs.

Climate in Rutland, Vermont
Rutland, Vermont gets 43 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year.
Rutland averages 78 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.
On average, there are 168 sunny days per year in Rutland. The US average is 205 sunny days.
Rutland gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 137 days per year. Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground. In order for precipitation to be counted you have to get at least .01 inches on the ground to measure.

Explore French clothing vocabulary. These flashcards have pictures only. These have pictures with words.
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