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Perennial Vegetables

These are mainstays of permaculture, but you can grow them without it too. 

I have a lot of chives -- garlic, regular, even wild -- and asparagus.  I have great luck with many herbs, some annual and some perennial.

I grow rhubarb and daylilies as a ground cover, not to eat.  I grow lovage as an annual.

I love sorrel, but haven't found any in a long time.  I've had walking onions in the past.

I'm going to try growing Jerusalem artichokes this year.

I also grow raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, serviceberries, and assorted other fruiting canes, bushes, trees, and whatever.  Plus black walnuts and hazelnuts.  The hickories haven't nutted yet, nor have the persimmons borne fruit although I think one bloomed last year.  I've had fuckall luck getting pawpaws to grow, but they're fussy.  Try, try again.
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