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Cycads in Bloom

Cycads are beginning to bloom in places they never did before. 

Now this is one case NOT to get in the way of a species expanding its range.  We will need something  to populate the Earth as climate change progresses.  Cycads are something, and this is exactly the kind of situation they're meant for, and in previous expansions they have spurred dramatic respeciation.  So this is actually a most excellent sign.  We even have some dinosaurs around for them to uplift, although we call the survivors "birds" now.  Those are perfectly capable of filling most ecological niches and even becoming giants if humans are out of the way. 

The expansion of the cycads will, as with all expansions, be messy and have a lot of casualties at first.  But if the new species is much better suited to the changing climate than whatever it crowds out, we need to let that happen.  A forest of cycads is better than no forest at all.  Sooner or later something will figure out how to eat them and it will all be fine.  Humans may not be around to see it, but the biosphere will.

Also, if you live in a place where you can grow cycads, watch to see if any of yours attempt to have sex.  :D  If you only have one, you might want to get another for purposes of cross-pollination should male and female cones appear.  Even self-fertile plants have more reproductive success with a sex partner than alone.
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