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KiLiKi Language

KiLiKi is the first invented language presented in a film from India, Baahubali.

It looks like an interesting language.  There are some clever features, like opposites being reversals of each other.  It also includes clicks, which are rarely used phonemes, so that's fun.

The writing system is a wreck, though.  It's clear enough to read -- but it would be a real nuisance to write.  I think it must have been invented with the intention of only typing.  It's a good clear script for a screen.  Even the reading is awkward: you have to zigzag up and down because the vowels and consonants are stacked on top of each other.  If you know the history of linguistics and literacy, however, you can see not only parallels with other examples but how these symbols would probably evolve over time.  The more complex ones would simplify and the vowels would probably contract into little extra marks added to consonants to avoid the choppy pattern.

Anyhow, invented languages outside the English-speaking realm are very rare, so if you're into this field at all, definitely check out this example.
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