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March Chores

... that should probably be done in February now.

Some other thoughts ...

The No. 1 piece of advice this month: Don't place tender plants outdoors just yet, regardless of the weather — or that the calendar says it’s spring.

Depends on the plant. Cool-season plants (lettuce, peas, etc.) should go out "as soon as the ground is workable," i.e. not frozen solid and you can walk on it without sinking to your knees. Warm-season plants (tomatoes, melons, etc.) have to wait until the soil warms up. However, you can take anything out on a nice day if it is in a pot that you remember to bring back indoors at sunset. Doing this makes it easier for them to survive outside.

Don’t walk on wet soil; you’ll compact it and risk damaging its structure.

Even if you’re itching to get into the garden, don’t till the soil until it’s crumbly.

For fucksake, if I did these I would never get anything done. When the ground is no longer wet, the summer dry season is starting and that is NOT the time to plant anything.  Crumbly soil is the warning that the dry season is approaching.  (I have heavy black soil with lots of humus.  If you have clay or sand, YMMV.)  If you're that worried about compaction, you can:

* Walk on boards.

* Create walkways you don't plant in.

* Make raised beds you walk between.

* Fluff the soil with earthworms, pigs, a tiller, or a shovel.

Rake and clear only the beds that hold early spring bulbs.

Some of mine are already up hand-high and past when I should've cleared them but I haven't had time. 0_o
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