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Ballet Strike

Paris ballet dancers have a very sensible retirement age of 42, after which they draw a pension based on their prior earnings.  A proposed national pension plan would raise everyone's retirement age to 64, regardless of their job or whether it could be done by any 63-year-old people.  Protests have shut down the plan for now.

America already has a cookie-cutter retirement plan, and it's not very good.  It doesn't pay out enough to support people.  Hell, full-time work doesn't support many people anymore.  As the retirement age creeps up, what it really does it impoverish more people. They get shut out of the workforce in ... when else? ... their 40s, when most employers stop wanting them.  Only a few professions benefit so much from experience that age is a compelling reason to hire people.  But the government places no requirements on employers to hire  any of those old people.  It just expects living-wage jobs to appear out of unicorn farts and fairy dust.

Dear France: don't stick your head up Washington's ass.
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