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The Fall of Empires

This article does a great job of examining how empires fall due to imperialism itself.  That is, imperialism is inherently unstable and unsustainable.

It completely overlooks a number of other proven causes that can destroy a civilization or weaken it so much as to trigger the above problems, including but not limited to:
* volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or other geological disasters
* climate change, devastating storms, or other meteorological issues
** (both of which can strike in sequence if a major eruption alters weather)
* plague, parasites, or other infectious agents
* inbreeding, insanity, or other genetic issues (typically striking through the leadership)
* loss or corruption of food/water supply (e.g. staple crop failure, soil salinification)
* loss of critical nonfood resources (e.g. seashells for fishhooks, trees for canoes)

Of these ... um, gosh, all are currently occurring to various degrees.  Climate change and imperialism are probably the worst, but the Earth is grumbling around, we couldn't have created a better environment for a plague if we tried, much of the world's leadership is absolutely batshit, food/water quality is questionable in many areas, and we're running low on some things society currently depends on like fossil fuels.
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