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Location notes for "Because We Are All Unique"

Here are the location notes for "Because We Are All Unique."

In Terramagne-America, the town of Rutledge lies in the same place as local Rutland.

Vermont Cities and Counties Map

Vermont Federal Lands Map

Vermont Indian Tribes Map

Vermont Tourist Map

Vermont Green Mountain National Forest Map

Vermont Picturesque Map

Rutledge County Large PDF Map

Vermont Rutledge County Map Towns

Vermont Rutledge City Street Map

Vermont Rutledge City Land Use Map

Vermont Rutledge City Streets and Buildings Map

Vermont Rutledge Energy Trail Map

Vermont Rutledge Pine Hill Park Map
Pine Hill Park is 270 acres.

Rutledge County Large PDF Map
Map sections 1 and 2 show the Rutland City Forest in several pieces, Aitken State Forest, and Calvin Coolidge State Forest.

In Terramagne-Vermont, the Rutland City Forest is the Abenaki Reservation with 3,541 acres. Much of it is in one piece adjoining the Green Mountains National Forest. Other bits adjoin the Aitken State Forest and the Calvin Coolidge State Forest. All of those forests used to be part of Abenaki treaty territory, but it got whittled away over time until only fragments remain. In local-Vermont, there are no reservations at all.

T-Vermont has many city, county, state, and national forests. Some areas are reserved for wildlife, others for recreation, and some offer a natural opportunity for labor. Such natural opportunities for labor include fishing, hunting, gathering, painting, writing, harvesting trees for carving or firewood, collecting other raw materials for crafts, planting trees or other useful plants, and making wildlife shelters.

The history of Rutland’s city forest is also one of careful management. As early as 1881, the city began purchasing woodlots and farms to protect its water supplies. The most active period of acquisition and planting began after 1910 and by 1930 the city had transplanted more than half a million seedlings, many of them Norway spruce and pine, on 3,500 acres. Most of the land is situated in the neighboring town of Mendon, where it protects the drainage basin of Mendon Brook below Mount Killington. Although Rutland’s forest eventually grew to 4000 acres, it is not Vermont’s largest.

About 3,200 Abenaki people live in L-Vermont and L-New Hampshire, without reservations of their own, most densely around Lake Champlain.

Rutledge is the third-largest city in Vermont and the county seat of Rutledge County. It has many historic buildings, owing to its history mining marble and granite. Read about the population, Vermont religions, and local churches.

In local-Vermont, 01.4% of people speak French at home. In Terramagne, 14% do so, thanks to Reflétant l’école and a public school system that teaches foreign languages beginning in kindergarten.

French-Canadian Migration
I have not seen early population figures for other counties but following is an approximate count in VT Counties having more than 400 French-Canadians (all figures rounded to the closest 100):
1850 1860
Addison 2,100 2,500
Franklin 3,700 4,700
Grand Isle 800 1,000
Orleans 700 1,000
Rutland 900 1,400
Washington 400 800
State of VT 12,100 17,000
Almost 80% of the State’s French-Canadians were in Grand Isle, Franklin, Chittenden and Addison Counties, which all border Lake Champlain. Over half of the State’s increase of 4,900 between 1850 and 1860, probably about 2,700 were from natural increase. Some of the 2,200 gained from migration were from other States, especially NY, but most of the gain was from Quebec.

Reflétant l’école -- an alternative school designed to support children's urge to mimic adults. Classes include no more than 12 students per teacher. In a school building, this often means having a class of 20-30 students with 2-3 teachers, such that one can monitor the general activity while another(s) gives a lesson to a small group. However, this is one of the best alternative methods in terms of adapting to tutoring or homeschooling. One teacher may then guide a handful of students, even if they have different ages and abilities. This approach is popular both with upper-class families who hire a tutor, governess, or nanny; and with middle-class families who homeschool their children. Reflétant l’école was developed by a French-speaking community in Vermont who wanted an effective system of education that scaled well across socioeconomic classes, and it represents a formal version of historic practices. It is customarily a French immersion school for that reason, although it doesn't have to be. The name literally means "reflecting school," although it is often rendered in English as "reflection school" or even "mirror school." The densest concentration of schools is in the northeast (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts) followed by Louisiana. There's another sizable cluster in Michigan, some in Missouri mostly River City, a couple in Onion City, and others scattered widely around including one in Healy, Denali, Alaska.

The school style has a profound effect on people. It's the only known school in which all students are shown how to teach as well as how to learn. About 25% of students choose a career in education or some related field. Another 15% go into art, photography, home decoration, or other visual arts. About 10% choose dance, modeling, entertainment, or some other career that involves being looked at. Another 5% go into a career that uses French such as French teacher, writer, singer, diplomat, or fashion designer. And yet the body image among students is overwhelmingly higher than average: they grow up surrounded by images of themselves and other people, so they see more honestly and accept more accurately.

reflétant l’école
reflecting school

Word-by-word list
école, banc, cours...

école de miroir
mirror school

verb [ transitive ] /ˈmɪrər/
to be the same as
views that mirrored her own ideas
des opinions qui reflétent ses propres idées

to reflect as a mirror does
The smooth surface of the lake mirrored the surrounding mountains.

There are multiple systems of French capitalization. Pick one and stick with it. I use the sentence approach.

French is the second most spoken language (after English) in the states of Maine and Vermont. Vermont is wealthier than Maine.

See a map of Alaska showing Healy, Denali.

The City Council of Rutledge passed a resolution in 2011 to make the town more French-friendly in hopes of attracting more tourists from Quebec. Many places now offer bilingual signs and French-speaking employees, such as the Rutledge-Abenaki Airport and most area hotels. Cinque Francs and Le Petit Jardin have always been bilingual.

French Americans
About 5.3% of Americans are of French or French Canadian ancestry. In 2013, about 129,520 French-born people lived in America. French Americans make up at least 10% of the population in 7 states, 6 of those in New England plus Louisiana. In numbers, California has the greatest Franco population followed by Louisiana; by percentage, Maine has the highest at 25% while Vermont has 23.9%

Center Street has a lot of live-work buildings with retail or office space below and apartments above.

The U.S. Post Office and Courthouse has tall columns in front.

City Hall is a red brick building.

Vermont Rutledge City Hall Basement Floor Plan
The basement uses the same floor plan as the main floor. The front left room 013 is a records room. The front center room 014 is the records office. The front right room 015 is another records room. The back left room 012 is a meeting room. The back middle room 010 is the multipurpose room. The back right section holds the bathrooms. Room 009 is the men's bathroom. Room 007 is an accessible dottie with shower. Room 006 is a bicycle wash and repair station. The walls have lockers Room 005 is the women's bathroom. The far back section on the right holds the elevator and a staircase.

In the basement, the multipurpose room has round tables and chairs, along with rows of chairs farther back. The community kitchen includes a lounge and dinette. The commercial kitchen has many different work areas. A bicycle repair station and bicycle wash station encourage people to exercise.

Vermont Rutledge City Hall 1st Floor Plan
The front left room 113 Cuisine is a café. The center front 114 Hall d'entree is the lobby. The front right room 115 Commerce is the Chamber of Commerce. The back left room 114 Chambre Froide is the physical and emotional first aid station, with a quiet room in the back. It is staffed by an EMT/EFA. To the right is the main staircase. The back middle room 110 Salle de Spectacle is the theater, which serves as the primary space for town meetings and presentations. As there are no fixed seats, the entire floor is accessible, with the front row customarily reserved for special needs. The stage only has stairs, but they have portable ramps and an electric lift to make it accesible without damaging historic features. The back right section holds the bathrooms. Room 109 is the men's bathroom. Room 107 is an accessible dottie with shower. Room 106 Concierge is the reception desk, and the concierge is responsible for meeting any special needs a citizen may have. Room 105 is the women's bathroom. The far back section on the right holds the elevator and a staircase. The building retains its historic front steps, but the entire left parking lot has been elevated to door level and an accessible ramp in period style has been added to the right side approaching the elevator lobby and concierge.

The café serves coffee, tea, smoothies, and other beverages. It offers pastries, sandwiches, soups, salads, and fresh fruit. One cooler holds boxed lunches from various other establishments to add variety and accommodate a wider range of special dietary needs. This gives workers in City Hall a healthy place to eat without needing to leave the building.

The first floor lobby has clusters of seating.

Inside the Chamber of Commerce, the visitor center offers business cards, brochures, and other information about member businesses. The office center includes a variety of tables and desk clusters. In the back, a section has been sealed off with a glass wall to create a meeting room.

The first aid room has a reception desk, a private exam room, and a quiet room.

The main staircase between the first aid room and the theater is carved from wood. The one back by the elevator looks similar.

The men's bathroom has sinks, a urinal, and a toilet.

The first floor accessible dottie has a toilet, a roll-under sink, and a roll-in shower with two heads.

The concierge station includes an antique desk and hardwood paneling. The employee is the kind of guy who collects certificates.

The women's bathroom has three toilets and three sinks.

The elevator has been refurbished to modern standards but retains its period appearance.

Vermont Rutledge City Hall 2nd Floor Plan
Upstairs uses the same floor plan. The front left room 213 is the city council chamber. The front center room 214 is the conference room. The front right room 215 is the administrative office. The back left room 212 is the mayor's office. The back middle room 210 is the balcony of the theater, shown as the shaded area. The back right section holds the bathrooms. Room 209 is the men's bathroom. Room 207 is an accessible dottie with shower. Room 206 Concierge is the ombudsman's desk. Room 205 is the women's bathroom. The far back section on the right holds the elevator and a staircase.

The City Council Chamber has luxurious built-in seats.

The conference room has a long wooden table and elegant chairs.

The Mayor's Office includes a desk and many guest chairs.

In the attic, a small lounge occupies the space above part of the theater.

The dottie near the stairs includes a sink, a shower, a toilet, and a vanity cabinet.

The space above the foyer contains an open office with antique desks and chairs, primarily used by pages and interns.

Vermont Rutledge Viridian Business Park Showing Fair Valley Interfaith Center
The top left area has condominium and apartment buildings. The bottom left has the community center, outdoor amphitheater, and Fair Valley Interfaith Center (marked in gray). The other five buildings are offices. At the bottom edge of the map is a partial view of tennis courts and other recreation. The bottom right has a shopping center. The upper right has a business tower. Not visible on the upper right is the newspaper building.

One of many downtown murals, this one shows people in a plaza.

Cross on the Mountain Catholic Church (T-American)

This is one of the more active churches in Rutledge. Unfortunately it's also one of the stuffiest.

The center of this floor plan approximates the main floor the Cross on the Mountain Church. The left wing approximates the basement.

The church building has a large parking lot. Here you can see the ramp and steps up to the main floor.

Green Mountain Mall

Green Mountain Mall is a large brick building. This is the mall floor plan.

The Triton Teen Center is space 201. The Snack Bar has tables and chairs.

The Teen Lounge offers viewscreens, couches, a movie projector, and a wide range of movies and video games. It provides a place for youth to relax and hang out with their friends.

The Game Room features an air hockey table, board games, classic arcade machines, a pool table, foosball, roleplaying games, video game systems, and more. Different game clubs meet on different days, with a monthly tournament.

The Media Room has free Wi-fi and 15 computers. Digital cameras and other technology can be checked out from its tech library. STEMZ Club meetings offer opportunities to learn new skills in coding, claymation, creating apps, robotics, stop-motion photography, typing, and more.

The Music Room offers conch shells, electric and hand drums, guitars, harmonicas, a karaoke machine, keyboards, microphones, a full-size piano, recorders, ukeleles, and other instruments. Audiovisual recording equipment is available too. Teens may attend Music Club to make friends and learn new skills.

The Art Room stocks acrylics, charcoals, colored pencils, creme pastels, jewelrymaking supplies, mixed media, oil paints, plaster blocks for sculpture, a pottery wheel, watercolors, and more. It celebrates National Arts & Humanities Month in October with the annual Fine Arts Show where teens can display their projects.

The Backwater Room has aquatic art and couches, offering a quiet place for relaxation or counseling.

The Gymnasium includes a basketball court, a rock climbing wall, bleachers, and assorted equipment for games and sports.

Special events include barbeques, dances, field trips, movie nights, parties, and tournaments. Off-site activities typically require a bicycle license, bus pass, permission slip, or parent/guardian depending on the event.

Tidepool Club invites teens 13-15 work together on teamwork, service to Club and community, health and fitness, and social recreation. It meets weekly on Saturdays.

Deepwater Club offers teens 16-19 a voice in the Triton Teen Center and in the community. It supports academic success, service to Club and community, career development, and further education. Deepwater Members participate in community programs, and attend City Council meetings. They mentor younger teens, participate in meetings about the Triton Teen Center and its services, and earn input for planning activities.

Triton Teens enjoy many opportunities to volunteer services on an individual or group basis. Teen members present volunteer ideas at meetings, and adult supervisors make arrangements for selected projects. They can also earn scholarships for college, trade school, or other education.

Two Heads Are Better Than One pairs agemates with complementary strengths and weaknesses to participate in classes and challenges together. It teaches teamwork in pair relationships and fosters lifelong friendships.

The Starfish Sponsorship program helps newcomers become familiar with the Triton Teen Center, Rutledge community, schools, businesses, and the surrounding region. Tours, presentations, and parties support teens in exploring their new home and making friends with the assistance of an older mentor.

Power Up helps teens to achieve academic, personal, and social skills. Adults offer homework assistance and tutoring while encouraging members toward self-directed learning. This encourages teens to improve academic performance, seek further opportunities, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

STEMZ Club gives teens an opportunity to learn about technology. Hands-on experience prepares them for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, or Zetetics. Members develop digital literacy and mechanical skills through project-based learning. They can earn badges and build portfolios of completed projects to present for admission to schools or other organizations.

Life Course presents classes in adult topics such as employment skills, finance, home maintenance, relationships, and parenting. Each topic has progressive classes aimed at ages 13-14, 15-17, and 18-19.

Turnout for Teamwork teaches cooperative play and problem-solving. Teens develop physical fitness, trust in teammates, and a sense of self-reliance. Common activities played include beach volleyball, capture the flag, four square, freerunning, goalball, kickball, obstacle courses, rope courses, wheelchair basketball, and more. These encourage physical activity and positive relationships that support a healthy lifestyle. The annual Fitness Challenge invites healthy competition with peers. All ability levels are welcomed with inclusive equipment and activities.

Cooking Club allows members to learn about food, its preparation, and preservation. In addition to cooking and nutrition classes, there are opportunities for community service and cooking competitions. Teens explore healthy eating, understanding food labels, culinary vocabulary, reading recipes, planning meals, budgeting for groceries, food handling techniques, cooking skills, and more.

Homey Notions occupies space 204. This store carries craft supplies.

Cinque Francs has space 532. It offers practical French fashions for women and men. Women's Department

Le Petite Jardin has space 530. It offers practical French fashions for infants and children.

Cinq Francs is a Terramagne store which sells men's and women's clothes to suit the 5-Piece French Wardrobe. Prices range from moderate to high, and quality from good to high. They stock basic items in a Parisian style along with new items for each fashion season in bright colors and bold designs. Items include suits, dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, trousers, sweaters, scarves, and accessories. Each season they have a featured accessory priced at 5 francs (or the local equivalent) available for a limited time only, and many devoted customers collect these. They often relate to French art, literature, famous people, or other cultural motifs. Staff are trained to assist men and women, and they have several brands of body scanner. Also, all the staff speak French (plus the local vernacular) regardless of what country the store is in -- which means if you speak French, you can shop comfortably in any country that has a Cinq Francs. For this reason, the store is enormously popular with international travelers. The company even hires interns and arranges exchange programs through high schools and colleges to encourage students to choose French as their foreign language. Le Petit Jardin is their children's store.

Le Petit Jardin is a Terramagne store which sells children's clothes and teaches young people about style using the 5-Piece French Wardrobe. Prices range from moderate to high, and quality from good to high. They stock basic items in a Parisian style along with new items for each fashion season in playful colors and designs. Items include blouses, skirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts, a few suits and dresses for special occasions, and accessories. Garments that match have the same kind of flower tag, similar to what L-American Garanimals does with animal tags. Each season, Le Petit Jardin has a featured accessory priced at 5 francs (or the local equivalent) available for a limited time only, and many devoted customers collect these. They often feature French children's books or cartoon characters. Staff are trained to assist children, and they have several brands of body scanner. Also, all the staff speak French (plus the local vernacular) regardless of what country the store is in -- which means if you speak French, you can shop comfortably in any country that has Le Petit Jardin. For this reason, the store is enormously popular with international travelers and multilingual families. The company even arranges presentations at grade schools and junior highs to encourage students to choose French as their foreign language.

Classique is in space 524. This store sells more upscale women's wear.

Vermont Clothing Company sells local style clothes. Each refugee will get to choose one Vermont-themed garment.

Shaw's Thrift Shop and Webster's Book World share a building. See the first floor plan and the second floor plan.

Say It With Flowers is a live-work building. The lower floor plan shows the flower shop. The second floor plan shows the apartment above. The exterior access goes from the space between the bathroom and staircase, wrapping around the side and back of the building. This is the third floor plan.

Reflétant l’école Cécile de Brunhoff has a room dedicated to each of five age groups: infant, toddler, grade school, junior high, high school.

Dollar Lot is a bargain store where nothing costs more than a dollar.

Mountain View Subdivision Site Map Smaller
The solid red line marks an 8-foot-wide shared-use trail paved in asphalt, which is open to the public. The dotted yellow line marks a nature trail paved in dirt. The blue line shows a drainage ditch running along the top edge. Four detention ponds catch runoff. The largest is also the deepest. The two small ones bracketing the road are more like marshes. Together they attract a great deal of wildlife. Local regulations require leaving a certain percentage of mature trees when clearing land, so the developers handled that by leaving the densest areas of forest intact and clearing sparser areas. They also left a large soggy spot near the right side of the map where it says "open space," rather than trying to build there. The play field includes a variety of equipment for all ages.

Mountain View Subdivision Site Map Larger

Family Business Rest

This is the first floor plan. Function Room 1 is a theater.
Originally the building had no dotties. They have been added between Function Room 4 and the Fire Exit, and between the EE Room and the Gym. These will include hybrid toilets that can be used squatting or sitting.

This is the second floor plan for Tower A. The small gray room just below the lift lobby is the first aid room.

This is the third floor plan for Tower A. The small gray room just below the lift lobby is the quiet/prayer room.

This is the second floor plan for Tower B. It has the penthouses.

Beddy-Bye Bed and Breakfast

This is one of the struggling businesses in Rutledge, Vermont. Beddy-Bye Bed and Breakfast customarily caters to clients who want a good night's sleep without having to wake up at the crack of dawn. So check out is at 3 PM and check in is at 6 PM. After sunset, the second floor is the quiet floor. Noisy activities are only permitted on the first and third floors then. The third floor is primarily for night owls, in the two bedrooms bracketing the rec room. It has a total of five guest bedrooms, plus the owner's suite.

Brighten Early Bed and Breakfast

The left side of the house is for the guests. The right side of the house is for the owners.

This is the second floor plan for the left side. The living room is under the George Mackie Room. The dining room is under the Tower Room. The kitchen is under the Mary Mackie Room. The music room is under the Elia Corti Suite.

Big Red Barn Bed and Breakfast

See a map of the property and an aerial view.

Vermont Rutledge Big Red Barn Bed and Breakfast Floor Plan
Floor 1: Kitchen, sunroom, family room, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, master bedroom. An enclosed hall insulates the two bedrooms against noise coming from the common areas.
Floor 2: Bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, sitting area, bathroom, bedroom, bedroom.
The guest bedrooms include three with a single bed and three with multiple beds.

The main building actually did start out as a big red barn.

Laura and Big John Farrell live on Fair View Farm just south of the Big Red Barn Bed and Breakfast. This is the front of the farmhouse.

This is a site plan for the core of Emerald Mountain Glen.

When the airport was first proposed, the Abenaki made a complete and utter stink about it because the intended location was right on top of a sacred site dedicated to the sky spirits, complete with a stone circle surrounding a landing pad. Eventually the airport project director hit on the idea of shifting the runways slightly to preserve the original landing pad. The Abenaki now control about 2 acres of meadow and forest around it. As superpowers became more known, the landing pad was returned to its intended purpose for fliers and teleporters, although using it requires interfacing both with Air Traffic Control and the Tribal Liason at the Rutledge-Abenaki Airport.
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