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I have made bingo on my 1-1-20 card for the Less Usual Bingo Patterns fest.

Upper right postage stamp:
G1 (Accident) - "Broken Light" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv)
O1 (Know) - "PLUMERE" (Path of the Paladins)
G2 (Pick up trash) - "Barrel Along" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv)
O2 (Traumatic Brain Injury) - "The Aurora Hat" (Arts and Crafts America)

Lower left postage stamp:
B4 (War) - "The Three Nevers" (standalone)
I4 (Injury) - "Putting Everything in Its Place" (Arts and Crafts America)
B5 (Parenthood) - "Fairybread" (Polychrome Heroics)
I5 (Talent) - "Invention" (The Steamsmith")

N1 (Eggplant) - "Melongeno" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv)
N2 (First performance) - "Her First Performance" (Arts and Crafts America)
N3 (WILD CARD: Deliverance) - "Drake's Evasion" (standalone)
N4 (Fire) - "The Bushfire Shawl" (Arts and Crafts America)
N5 (Give yourself a treat) - "Crocheted Candy" (Arts and Crafts America)
B3 (Writing your name on a wall) - "rakugaki" (Laquerware)
I3 (Disaster) - "Corrup" (standalone)
G3 (Earth) - "four seasons haiku" (standalone)
O3 (Discovering your orientation) - "Crocheting Rainbows" (Arts and Crafts America)

B1 (Blue) - "Into the Hinterland" (Arts and Crafts America)
I1 (Frybread) - "3 Sisters Tacos" (Polychrome Heroics)
B2 (Night) - "The Nature of a Cat" (standalone)
G4 (Genius) - "first touch of microfyne" (Polychrome Heroics)
O4 (Fish) - "Like Little Fish" (Arts and Crafts America)
O5 (Maple Syrup) - "Maple Everything" (Polychrome Heroics: Rutledge)
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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