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Content notes for "All the Beautiful Lights"

Here are the content notes for "All the Beautiful Lights."

"My favorite thing about the holiday season is the lights! I love walking around with family, friends, and a cup of peppermint hot chocolate to look at all the beautiful lights and decorations."
-- Caroline Sunshine

Ice formation in Nebraska begins in fall and thickens through winter. In December it covers Lake Manawa but is still thin enough for a boat to break through easily. Compare ice fishing tips from Nebraska and Iowa.

These are Shiv and Luci's brother-sister charms on the ribbons.

Learn how to set up a breakfast buffet and make the most of a free one. You can make a brunch buffet too. Enjoy recipes for Scrambled Eggs, Big Time Bacon, Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes, Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding, Grapefruit Salad with Honey Mint Dressing, and Virgin Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis. For breakfast vegetables, consider a Healthy Breakfast Salad.

My Plate works for breakfast as well as other meals.

Plein air art is done outside. Explore paints and other supplies for it. Oil paint, watercolor, and drawing all work. This kit features oil and acrylic, and this one is watercolor. Choosing a surface can mean watercolor canvas or paper, regular canvas, pastel paper, or studio canvas.

White Nights Artists Watercolour Plein Air Set – 12 Whole Pans, Plastic Box

Sennelier Plein Air Landscape Set - 8 Colors

Sennelier Pastel Set 30 Half Stick Seaside Colours Plein Air

The company also makes a plein air landscape set.

This is their urban colors set.

This is their portrait set.

Cretacolor Noir Charcoal Drawing Set - 11 Pieces

You can make your own plein air kit for pastels.

See Shiv's creme pastel picture of Lake Manawa.

Figure drawing can go fast. Watch a video of the process.

Gesture drawing is all about how to capture poses. Here are some tips for timed gesture drawing. These websites archive photos of poses. Compare videos of a one-minute sketch and more detailed sketch.

See a batch of aerial silk poses.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series includes a short and a long version of the Sun Salutation along with several other sets. Watch a long video of poses.

When you eat at a buffet, you can enjoy lots of potluck recipes. The lunch buffet features Cobb Salad Subs, Blackberry Sriracha Chicken Sliders, Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza, Lime Chicken Chili, and Lemon Butter Cookies. Traditional Chinese soups include Egg Drop Soup. Hot drink recipes include Chai Maple Cider and Double Hot Drinking Chocolate.

Here are some Christmas songs and dances. Dancing includes classic ballroom dances with their basic steps. Modern dance is more eclectic. You can practice the basics at home.

For supper, Shiv has Whole Grilled Trout. Luci has Grilled Sea Bass. Jaune has Roasted Chicken. Desserts are Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes or Gingerbread Tea Cake.

In T-America, the Lake Manawa gift shop has a wide range of products by local photographers, from cheap notecards to fine art prints. Shiv buys a box of 12 notecards with 3 each of 4 different designs, showing Lake Manawa in winter: Thin Ice, North Wind, Ice Fishing, and Beautiful Solitude.

Holiday ornaments are easy to make. Luci buys a kit to make these ornaments.

Browse some science stocking stuffers.
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