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Location notes for "All the Beautiful Lights"

These are the location notes for "All the Beautiful Lights."

Lake Manawa State Park in Iowa is a popular destination just outside Omaha, Nebraska.

Weather on December 22, 2014:
Temperature in low 40s most of the day, dropping in the afternoon to upper 30s for the night.
Precipitation light snow off and on during the day and tapering off at night.
Wind typically between 10-15 mph (gentle breeze).

In winter, bald eagles rest on the ice. A sunny day makes the lake more colorful.

Lake cruises typically cost $100 or less for a day trip. They may focus on sightseeing, education, or other themes and often include one or more meals.

Plato's Lake is a Terramagne-American cruise line which specializes in nontraditional cruises. Launched in the Great Lakes, they're beginning to branch out to other locations such as Lake Manawa in Iowa (near Omaha, Nebraska). They started out offering platonic cruises for friends. That expanded to include parent/child, sibling, and other nonsexual relationships. They also have cruises for singles that are not just extended dating opportunities. There are mixed cruises which cater to people on the asexual/aromantic spectrum, but are open to anyone who respects the platonic theme. The cruises feature sightseeing, educational opportunities, entertainment, meals, and other amenities. Souvenirs include t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, windbreakers, sun hats, canvas bags, coffee cups, mousepads, keychains, stuffed animals, postcards, and posters with the Plato's Lake logo. The gift shop also includes snacks, toys, games, books about the company, the local lake, boating, asexual/aromantic orientations, and platonic relationships.

See the Manawa Marvel in autumn, in summer, and at night.

In this poem, the Manawa Marvel uses Lower Deck Plan K for music and dance. It begins by using Upper Deck Plan F with partial tables for the buffet breakfast and lunch, then Upper Deck Plan E with maximum tables for the plated supper.

Inside, the upper deck has a bar. Complementary drinks and fresh fruit are available. The tables are decorated with pomegranates and holiday foliage. A stairway connects the upper and lower decks. The captain's table fills the front of the lower deck. Seats line the perimeter.

The Manawa Marvel turns on her holiday lights at dusk.

Along the shore are light displays including Santa, a gingerbread house, a fisherman, and Kwanzaa.

Boats are decorated as a train, a lighthouse, and a dragon breathing fire.

See the exterior and interior of the gift shop.

The garden of lights includes a light tunnel, a forest with candelaria, holiday words, a peace symbol, a menorah, and a Newton tree. The latter, an evergreen hung with apples, is the most popular secular Christmas tree design used by atheists and secular humanists in T-America.
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