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Location notes for "A Sanctuary for Those in Danger"

These are the location notes for "A Sanctuary for Those in Danger."

Here you can see Pug's garage apartment and its attached house. Compare the exterior front and back views. The first floor has a garage, mudroom, kitchen-dining room, living room, powder room, full bathroom, and two bedrooms. The second floor spans a separate garage apartment with a three-quarter bathroom, kitchen, and living space; and the house's master suite with a sitting room, bedroom, walk-in closet, and full bathroom.

See the outside of Vybra's row house. has typical units and an owner's unit with larger first floor and second floor.

Violaceous makes around $400 a day and spends 1/4 of that on rent. The monthly rate on their suite is $3000 or $100/day. It includes a great room (with kitchen, dining, and living space), bedroom, and bathroom.
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