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Character notes for "A Sanctuary for Those in Danger"

These are the character notes for "A Sanctuary for Those in Danger."

Dante Intimo -- He has medium olive skin and brown eyes. His curly hair is dark brown with random streaks of chestnut that are getting brighter. He's growing it out, and so far the curls just touch his collar. He has a heart-shaped face and a fit, muscular body. His smouldering good looks draw attention from everyone who enjoys masculine attractions. Dante has a vibrant and expressive personality, waving his hands in brisk gestures even when not actually signing. He is hospitable to the point of nesting, and enjoys fussing over people, but he's sweet enough to make it charming instead of annoying. Usually. It helps that he has high emotional intelligence. Dante is a serious fan of the arts, and enjoys turning people on to the classics. Although he favors Italian works, especially from the Renaissance, he admires those of other cultures as well. He speaks Abruzzese, English, Esperanto, French, Italian, Italian Sign Language, and Spanish.
Dante belongs to the Marionettes. He has known for a while that he wanted to go into personal service, but wasn't sure whether he wanted to become a comare or a bodyguard, so he did the preliminary training for both. He also tends to dither over decisions in general, and does better with someone decisive to guide him. He's 19 now and has been in the adult phase of training for about a year. He hopes that taking short to medium term contracts in both branches will help him decide which he wants to be, or whether to try combining them. So far his skills include conversation, entertainment, dancing, intermediate lovemaking, intermediate protection, and situational awareness. Combat training includes Fior di Battaglia (favored by the comares) and Jeet Kun Do (a flexible style popular with bodyguards). He takes a contract to guard Aida Finn and serve as her practice boyfriend.
Origin: Dante's powers emerged at puberty. He knows that they haven't finished growing in yet. They are likely to get stronger, and more may develop. He is the son of a fighter boss and a superhera. She got pregnant from a one-night stand, and after Dante's birth, deposited him firmly in his father's care and walked away. Not being a family man, Dante's birth father handed him off to his comare's sister who could not conceive and was thrilled to adopt Dante. His father's family comes from Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy.
Uniform: Elegant menswear, usually Italian, although he can dress to blend in with other cultures and enjoys exploring different fashions. Dante is a snazzy dresser with a sharp eye for quality, adept at balancing fit and expression. Although he can cover the whole range of formality, most of the time he prefers casual, smart casual, or business casual. His favorite formal wear is black tie creative. Dante also has an entire kit of custom cosmetics, although for everyday occasions he prefers a subtle and natural look. When he actually puts effort into eveningwear, he is downright breathtaking.
Qualities: Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Fan of the Arts, Good (+2) Hawt, Good (+2) Hospitable, Good (+2) Personal Service
Poor (-2) Indecisive
Powers: Average (0) Stamina, Average (0) Tough
Motivation: Self-discovery.

Martial arts training for bodyguards includes flexible styles like Jeet Kun Do.

The range of dress codes includes various color combinations. Dante favors black tie creative.

This is a map of Abruzzo, and this one shows the languages of Italy. Abruzzese is a dialect of Italian.

Putnam "Pug" Underdown -- He has ruddy skin, hazel eyes, and short curly black hair. His nose, broken several times, curves dramatically to the left. He loves his nose because it makes him look like a complete badass, which he is. He stands 6'5" tall and weighs 202 pounds, much of it muscle. Pug lives in the North Bottoms neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska. He has worked for various gangs as muscle, as well as bouncer at several bars, and once a kink club before it got run out of business. Sometimes he hires out as a bodyguard. He joins the Broken Angels.
Pug has executive function issues that make it hard to get by on his own. He struggles to make a schedule or decide what to do. He does much better following a reliable leader. When given even a general order -- "Guard this building," "Escort this person," etc. -- he does quite well.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Complete Badass, Good (+2) Follower Good (+2) Fun-Loving, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence
Poor (-2) Executive Function Issues

Vybra (Vickie Ibanez) -- She has caramel skin with freckles, almond-shaped green eyes, and long wavy hair streaked in shades of teal and blue. She is slender with a heart-shaped face and full lips. She wears a horseshoe septum ring in her nose. She is 18 years old. She goes by Vybra, sometimes Vybe for short, both from the color of her hair and her ability to vibrate. Her heritage includes African-American, Hispanic, Irish, and Vietnamese. She has a distinctly exotic, multiethnic look. Vybra lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where she works as a prostitute specializing in fantasies. She joins the Broken Angels. Off duty, she enjoys music and crafts. She is friends with Pug.
Origin: As a teen, she was scrounging around a university when something weird happened and alarms went off. She scrammed instead of waiting around to find out what happened. After that, she began developing superpowers.
Uniform: Vybra wears sexy bohemian clothes instead of more typical hooker wear. She favors off-the-shoulder peasant blouses, fairy tops, layered miniskirts, and long flowing skirts. She wears a lot of blue, green, and purple to bring out the colors of her eyes and hair while contrasting with her warm skin tone.
Qualities: Good (+2) Crafty, Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Music Fan, Good (+2) Prostitute
Poor (-2) Education
Powers: Average (0) Crayon Soup, Average (0) Super-Speed
Limitation: Vybra can't actually travel faster. What she can do is vibrate her body, or any part of her body. She's been using it for sex, but it can work for other things, like churning butter or loosening a stuck part.
Motivation: Survival.

See Vybra's hooded wrap tops (sleeveless and long-sleeved), pixie tops, camisoles, peasant blouses, miniskirts, maxiskirts, patchwork dresses, solid dresses, jean shorts, bohemian jeans, stash buster sweater, upcycled pixie coat, and bohemian high heels.

Frazil (Francisca Richart) -- She has tawny-fair skin, blue eyes, and long straight hair that is ice-blue around her face and black in the back. She is short with a heart-shaped face. She is 16 years old. Frazil is the younger sister of Violaceous. They live in Lincoln, Nebraska where they join the Broken Angels. Frazil is a thief and Violaceous is a prostitute.
Origin: As tweens, the sisters experimented with hair dye that turned out to be zetetic, and wound up with superpowers.
Uniform: Frazil prefers grunge style in shades of black, gray, white, and blue.
Qualities: Good (+2) Loyal, Good (+2) Thief
Poor (-2) Greedy
Powers: Average (0) Crayon Soup, Average (0) Haze
Frazil can create a hazy cloud of vapor around herself, useful for hiding. It varies with the weather, dropping to Poor (-2) in hot dry weather and rising to Good (+2) in cold wet weather. She can usually manage to hide herself at dawn or dusk, and other shady conditions, but does best in winter when she can cast the cloud a lot farther. However, she lacks the ultraviolet vision that sometimes comes with crayon colors.
Motivation: Money.

During some mornings in Yosemite Valley, when streamflow is relatively high but temperatures are below freezing, some creeks may seem to be full of slush rather than full of water. This is frazil ice, which forms when mist (for example, from a waterfall) freezes, then floats down the creek.

Violaceous "Vi" (Viorica Richart) -- She has tawny-fair skin with freckles, lavender eyes, and long straight hair streaked in lavender and darker purple. She is tall and slim, with a long heart-shaped face. She has pierced ears. She is 18 years old. Violaceous is the older sister of Frazil. They live in Lincoln, Nebraska where they join the Broken Angels. Violaceous is a prostitute and Frazil is a thief.
Origin: As tweens, the sisters experimented with hair dye that turned out to be zetetic, and wound up with superpowers.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cold Resistance, Good (+2) Loyal, Good (+2) Prostitute
Poor (-2) Sensitive to Heat
Uniform: Vi dresses in skimpy, suggestive clothes often in shades of blue, pink, and black. She has some businesswear too, though.
Powers: Average (0) Crayon Soup
She has the ultraviolet vision that sometimes comes with crayon colors.
Motivation: Money.

adj., n. colour, colouring
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