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Notes for "Conducive to Thought"

These are the notes for "Conducive to Thought."

"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while, then take up the sock again."
-- Dorothy Day

Terramagne-America encourages people to make their own plans, with help if wanted or needed. Variations of "How is that working for you?" are used to gauge progress. Here's an example from Brief Action Planning with a flow chart. This concept applies to most problem-solving situations, and it's something that anyone can learn to use.

Check out the Wonder Body Coloring Book. This is the citrus page.

Did you know there are more senses than just the big five? Here’s how the #WonderBodyColoringBook describes #proprioception: “Proprioception is the felt sense of the periphery, location and movement of our bodies. It uses touch, muscle movement and tendon stretch with support from balance in the middle ear to sense ourselves in relationship to our environment. The senses are our body geography.”

Brain anatomy and neuroanatomy can explain a lot about how humans work. Here is a biology study packet about the brain.

The layers of the brain play into PTSD. The cerebellum responds to trauma. Some kinds of cerebellum exercise can help relieve the effects of PTSD. Watch a video of a balancing exercise.

Coloring pages can help to learn anatomy, whether labeled or unlabeled. Brain models are good for three-dimensional exploration. This is a realistic, affordable model. See the box and the assembled model.

Here is Shiv's yarn basket. He has a big stash already.

Yarn weight describes how thick it is. Crochet thread is among the lightest and thinnest yarn. It comes in many colors and styles, mostly cotton. If you catch a sale, you can buy this stuff by the armload.

This knitted brain is anatomically correct. Here are the hemispheres. Compare the knitted brain to brain scans. I could not find a pattern for this one, but here is a much simpler pattern that shows several important parts of the brain.
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