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Birchbenders Keto Pancake Mix

Well, that was a complete disaster.  >_<  

We bought the Birchbenders Keto Pancake Mix because it's very low-carb and contained recognizably decent ingredients.  Unfortunately they do not add up to recognizably decent pancakes.  The stuff turns brown but it doesn't actually cook.  It won't hold together.  Even after I managed to scrape them more-or-less onto the raw side and eventually out of the pan, the texture was nothing like pancakes.  More like warm mush in a crunchy shell.  The blueberries made them marginally edible.  I wound up feeling like I should apologize to the blueberries. my_partner_doug drowned his in maple syrup.

There is a trick to making good hoecakes, especially when you've moved continents or planets and have to adapt to what's available locally.  This stuff is still at the stage of "Well, we had some stuff so I mixed it together and heated it and this is the result."  :P

I may try again mixing this with Bisquick, since we don't like wasting things.  It wasn't bad, just ... didn't perform well at all.
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