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Poem: "Because the Therapist Continues to Grow"

This poem is spillover from the September 8, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] erulisse. It also fills the "pastel" square in my 9-1-19 card for the Arts and Crafts Festival Bingo. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It belongs to the Shiv and Finn Family threads of the Polychrome Heroics series.

"Because the Therapist Continues to Grow"

[Monday, November 24, 2014]

Graham spent fifteen futile minutes
searching for suitable events online
before he gave up the search.

It occurred to him that he
had other options to try.

So he made a quick phone call.

"American Therapy Association,
Department of Professional Development,
Amy speaking," said the secretary.
"How can I help you today?"

"Hi, this is Dr. Graham Finn. I'm
looking for classes or conferences
on a variety of topics," he said.

"Of course," she said. "What
is your level of expertise?"

"I'm a psychiatrist, but actually
I'm looking for some areas that I
haven't studied much, so any level
is potentially of interest," he said.

"Excellent," Amy said. "I have
your member file. Travel range?"

"Global," said Graham. "Distance
and country are no issue -- well, don't
suggest anything from a bottom-ten country."

"We only list events held in locations that
qualify as reasonably safe," Amy said. "What
can you tell me about your travel budget?"

"It's generous," Graham said. "Only list
prices if they go over five thousand dollars."

"Noted," said Amy. "Desired topics?"

"Let me describe the background,"
Graham said. "I have some clients with
needs and interests outside the kind of
talk therapy and occupational therapy that I
usually do. I need to expand my skills across
a range of kinesthetic and emotional therapies --
especially the fine arts like acting and paints."

"Okay, I'm searching our database now,"
Amy said. "We have plenty of listings
overseas. What languages do you speak?"

"I'm fluent in Irish, English, and Esperanto,"
said Graham. "I know bits of some others,
but I'd want a translator for professional work."

"Refining search for those parameters -- oh! You
definitely want to catch Irish Colors and Emotions,"
Amy said. "It's a little local event in Galway at
the National University of Ireland, done entirely
in Irish, but that works for you. In addition to
the linguistic and psychological talks, there
are several workshops on art therapy."

"Excellent!" Graham said. "When?"

"Saturday, January 10, 2015," Amy said.
"Programming runs morning through evening."

"My calendar's clear then," Graham said.
"Send me the contact information for that one."

"Done," said Amy. "Next I have a big conference
at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts
in Paris, France. That's actually an art school
hosting an event on art therapy. It's international,
so they list translators for eight world languages
and presentations in those and others. It might
cross your budget threshold, but I don't know --
they say prices vary and to ask for details."

"That's potentially interesting," Graham said.
"What's the date on that conference?"

"It runs March 19-21," Amy said.

"I'll look into it," Graham said as he
made a note on his tablet computer.
"Anything here in America?"

"Not until summer," Amy said.
"How far out shall we search?"

"Summer is fine," Graham said.
"Let's hear what you found."

"The University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill is planning an event
spanning all kinds of expressive therapy,
for professionals and citizens," Amy said.
"It's cohosted by the Ackland Art Museum
and the Professional Actor Training Program."

"You have my attention," Graham said.
"What techniques are they covering?"

"Topics include theatrical therapy,
maskmaking, drawing, painting,
and pottery," Amy said. "They're
hyping a course on creme pastels,
and they note African and Asian art."

"That sounds great," Graham said.
"When does that one run?"

"June 8-14," Amy said. "Sorry,
the ticket price on that one exceeds
your stated budget. It's $6,000 but it
includes room and board for the week
at a dormitory for visiting professionals."

"It still has potential," Graham said.
"Do they offer validation of studies?"

"Yes, and anyone who takes one of
their week-long courses, plus at least
twelve other activities, earns a certificate
in expressive therapies," Amy said.
"The week-long courses run four hours
each morning, then you can do whatever
you want in the afternoons and evenings."

"Do they list the week-long courses?"
Graham said. "That would be helpful."

"So far the options are Drama Therapy,
2D Art Therapy, 3D Art Therapy, and
Survey of Expressive Therapies,"
Amy said. "Their website states
that more courses may appear."

"Survey sounds good to me,"
Graham said. "I'm keenly interested
in creme pastels and acting activities."

"You're in luck," Amy said. "They have
a five-day class covering creme pastels
in pencil, stick, and paint form followed by
therapeutic applications and exercises. There's
also a guided tour of the museum's exhibits
done in various types of creme pastels."
It says sign up early, though, because
they expect the classes to fill up."

"I'll do that right after our call,"
Graham said. "What about theatre?"

"Drama classes include roleplaying,
storytelling, miming, personification,
embodiment, and projective play,"
Amy said. "You can see the schedule
on the website, if you want more details
for those activities already confirmed."

"It sounds like they have plenty of things
to keep me busy for a week," Graham said.
"Please send me details for these three events,
and that should cover my needs for now.
Thank you for your kind assistance."

"Effective psychotherapy works
because the therapist continues
to grow as a person and as a healer,"
Amy said. "I'm happy to help you."

They wrapped up the call, and Graham
turned to the desktop computer
for booking those events.

Within minutes, he had
the contact information
for all three of them.

It didn't take long
to book the Irish event
and send a message to
the French one regarding
its variable pricing.

Then he explored
the North Carolina one
and discovered that housing
made its pricing variable too.

Specifically, the private suite
cost half again as much as
as a 2-bedroom suite with
private bathrooms, and
three times as much as
as a 4-bedroom suite
with shared bathrooms.

Happily Graham selected
the cheapest, friendliest option
which dropped the cost to $4,600.

That wouldn't even require
a family discussion to cover.

Graham noted the dates
in his calendar, pleased that
the events he wanted to attend
didn't conflict with anything planned.

Then he went on to explore activities
and contemplate which ones to attend.

That done, Graham doubled back
to browse the more modest offerings
of the Irish event in Galway.

Bheith Dubh Dóite meant fed up,
a reference to the color black in
relation to impatience or intolerance.

Dearg-ghráin was intense hatred and
focused on red in volatile emotions.

Glas Mara, the glass-green sea,
would explore many colors of
the sea and the word glas,
how they related to feelings,
and some ominous connotations.

Grian-bhuidhe was not a discussion
but rather an art class that would feature
the particular color of summer sunsets.

Graham wanted to attend all of them,
but couldn't -- he'd have to choose
between Bheith Dubh Dóite and
Dearg-ghráin at least, more if he
found other sessions he liked.

He didn't mind, though; it'd make
an interesting exercise in priorities.

Graham was already looking forward
to attending the conferences next year.

Therapy was a craft. Like any other,
it had to be practiced and honed
regularly to retain its edge.

This time it just happened
to include actual arts and crafts.

* * *


"Effective psychotherapy works because the therapist continues to grow as a person and as a healer."
-- Jed Diamond

Terramagne-America encourages and rewards lifelong learning. For comparison, L-California Board of Psychology says that 36 hours of Continuing Education (CE) are required for each 2-year renewal period.

Galway is a city in Ireland.

National University of Ireland, Galway
College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences, School of Medicine
Course Code: PhD (part-time) 1PM2; MD (full-time) 1MD1; MD (part-time) 1MD2
The Discipline offers supervision in a wide area of medical interest. To pursue either degree, potential candidates should discuss the matter with the Head of Department.

Paris, France
École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts
It doesn’t get much more famous than the Parisian École des Beaux-Arts. Throughout its 350-year history, the famed institution has taught Europe’s greatest artists, including Claude Monet and Pierre Bonnard. The students continue to produce great art in the current day, including in more modern media like hypermedia.

The French event offers the following world languages: Arabic, English, Esperanto, German, French, Hindustani, Italian, Spanish.

Art therapy and art therapists have many benefits. Here are some art therapy exercises and tips on how to use art therapy with clients or for yourself.

Note that local-America tends to , but many counselors of all kinds use some artistic techniques. T-America lets therapists choose a general or specific degree, to which they can then add whatever modules they want or need. It's common for counselors to expand their offerings over time, often in response to a cluster of clients who would benefit from a particular approach. They might take a course, attend conferences, or earn a certificate in such things as pastels or collage.

The Ackland Art Museum is related to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. .

The Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is a rigorous three-year Master of Fine Arts program. The program offers advanced training to early-career professionals in acting, includes professional rehearsal and performance practice with PlayMakers Repertory Company; and provides a bridge by which our graduates, with credibility and a significant circle of professional acquaintance, may enter the profession.

Drama therapy is an established and validated form of therapy that can be applied to a wide range of participants (as clients are generally called in this treatment modality) in an even broader range of issues, problems, and disorders. The evidence backing its effectiveness is compelling, as is the intuitive reasoning behind its appeal.

In T-America, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has several dormitories for visiting professionals. These offer a range of private to communal space, and expensive to affordable cost. The Expressive Therapies conference offers three options. The 4-bedroom 2-bathroom suite has private bedrooms and shared bathrooms. The 2-bedroom 2-bathroom suite has private bedrooms and private bathrooms. The 1-bedroom 1-bathroom suite is entirely private.

The meal plan gives attendees free choice among eating from event buffets or preparing their own meals in their dorm kitchen. Those who prefer doing it themselves can use the staple foods that come with the dorm or choose additional ingredients from the dorm pantry. Registration allows guests to indicate special issues such as allergies and they can select from options like dairy/nondairy products. The availability of kitchens makes the event much cheaper to host, because ingredients cost less than prepared meals.

Because the university owns venue spaces, lodging, and food services it does not have to pay for outside resources, and attendees minimize travel expenses during the event. It can also offer educational credentials to event attendees who meet the requirements. This allows the university to offer conferences with a very high rate of value for the cost of registration.

The Mike Evans Dormitory is Building Type C with all 4 bedroom 2 bathroom suites.
The Selma Burke Dormitory is Building Type E with 2 bedroom 1 bathroom suites, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suites, and 2 bedroom 2 bathroom standard shared suites.
The Fred Chappell Dormitory is Building Type I with 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suites, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom standard shared suites, and 1 bedroom 1 bathroom suites.

In L-America, cost of conferences can run more than $2,000 for all expenses and some charge over $1,000 just for the ticket. That's prohibitively expensive for many people. They also argue about who should pay. A few use a sliding scale for higher-income and lower-income countries (rather than individual income, making this method more private but less fair).

Developing a conference budget requires calculating the registration fee.

COL1 adjective
muirghlas adj1
gormghlas adj
CMU2 noun
gormghlas masc1
glas mara

Grian-bhuidhe: An obscure entry in Dinneen’s dictionary, this is defined as “the peculiar colour of sunset in summer”.
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