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Food Planning Season

This is the food planning season! I know, it's cold outside (well, sort of) but now is when you should think about eating in the green season to come.

January-February is the time when most Community-Supported Agriculture signups happen. If you miss it, you may be able to find opportunities later, but they tend to cost more, and popular ones sell out fast. CSA has many benefits. Find one near you.

Gardening is wonderful for food, wildlife support, or just to look at pretty plants. Wikihow has a whole section on gardening with entries like how to start a garden, how to start an organic garden, how to make a garden bed, how to grow a container garden, how to grow fruit in pots, how to grow a sustainable garden, how to plan a vegetable garden, how to start seeds indoors, how to get in shape for gardening, and how to improve your health by gardening. You might want to shop for organic and/or heirloom offerings.

If you want to garden for wildlife, think about what they need. Here are some ideas. Favor native plants over exotics. These nurseries sell native plants and seeds. Search for species native to your region. Consider alternative approaches like ungardening, food forests, and permaculture if you want to share the space. Many native species offer food, craft materials like dyes, or other uses to humans.

Do you have a disability? Don't let that stop you. Use adaptive techniques to create an accessible garden you can enjoy. It can really improve your life.

Are you disgusted by the mainstream food supply with its Earth-hostile hauling and toxic processing? Kick it where it lives, in the wallet! When you buy into CSA, you support the people who actually bust their butts growing food and even get to know them. When you plant a garden -- or even a planter box of herbs -- you take responsibility for your own food, interact with green growing things, and get more physical activity.

Both CSAs and gardens invite you to eat seasonally, which is good for you. Enjoy some recipes and cookbooks.

Most people don't eat enough produce or fresh whole foods in general. Did you set a goal to eat more fruits and vegetables this year, or to aim for a healthier lifestyle overall? If so, consider joining a CSA or planting a garden to support your goal.

What can you do with all that produce? Preserve it. I like to freeze things. Make juices or smoothies. You can burn through whole bags of produce very fast this way.
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