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The End of the Checkout

This article talks about the end of checkout lanes.  It mostly talks about the bad impact on workers.

Now consider the bad impact on shoppers, which is to say, everyone who is not fluent enough with computers to use self-checkout, everyone who doesn't have a smartphone, and people who just don't want to.  Add in the very negative impact of further reducing human interaction in a country that already has a raging epidemic of loneliness.

Happily, I don't have to worry too much about this.  I live within reach of Amish people who will gladly take my money and bag my groceries.  It would be less convenient to do all shopping there, but more convenient than using only cashierless stores.

Don't like the idea of cashierless stores?  Boycott the cashierless lanes that are showing up now.  There is still time to stop this shit.  Stores can't sell if customers refuse to buy.  You have the power, if you choose to use it -- if enough people choose.  So use your folding vote.  BOTHER them.  Make them drag someone out to the floor to check you out if they've closed all the cashier lanes at night.  They'll quit doing it if you make it a pain in their ass.
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