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China has created chimerae of piglets with monkey cells.  Two laudable goals are nonhuman organ transplants and more humanlike test subjects for research.

Possible drawbacks:

* If you think it's bad when a germ jumps from one pure species to another pure species, just wait until you see what a chimera can do.  That boomerang will bash your brains out.  I doubt the scientists are really thinking about that.  Do you want to see a virgin field epidemic on a planet with billions of people, shitty health care, and airplanes?  I don't.

* Once you start mixing primate genes with anything else, you are rolling uplift dice.  There's a chance you'll wind up with something a lot smarter than you intended.  Not a large chance, but then people are making these batches by the thousands.  That is a lot of dice.  The chance is even bigger if instead of assembling things carefully you just bang them really hard together to see what happens, like China just did.  Now, we know China doesn't give a flying fuck about sentience because they murder political prisoners for organlegging, but other countries may object to these things.
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