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Progress on Goals and Resolutions

The internet is rife with dismal observations about how many people fail their New Year's resolutions before the end of January. So I thought it would be nice to check in and see how folks are doing.

Here's my big list of goals. As you can see, I'm smokin' it on checking the list, largely because we're still playing with the Vitamix and making lots of new recipes that I then log. I don't necessarily expect that to last all year, but so far so good. I have started working on at least 10 goals. I have already met 3 goals: selling a poem of 10 lines or less eligible for the Dwarf Stars Award, getting rid of one cookbook that didn't have any recipes we wanted to make, and using a specific storyline as a fishbowl theme. \o/

What's up with your New Year's resolutions or goals?
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