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IT Certificate

Take a look at Google's IT Certificate and its new Python version.  

I've been intrigued by the rise of certificates in college.  Most of these are programs designed to train students for a specific job or cement a specialty within a career major/minor, although some do feature hobbies or other personal interests.  Smaller and more nimble than a major or minor, they're usually more relevant to what you actually do in a job.  Majors are larded with crap you don't need that just wastes your time and money.  My advice to people who are attending college in hopes of actual job-relevant training, outside a few careers that absolutely require a specific major, is to pick a small easy major at a college with a big range of certificates, then pick things like Office Skills, Information Technology, Customer Relations, Elder Care, Animal Handling, Landscaping, or whatever else you expect to be doing.  Look at want ads in the career you want to work -- what skills are they asking for, and can you find classes in those exact things? 

In terms of teaching job skills, community colleges often outperform fancier ones, and trade schools are even better.  Also, many of these certificates are available via online schools.  There are whole careers that college just doesn't cover, that you can learn online, such as dog breeding.  I looked that up for a poem once: yes, really, there's no specific college support for it, but a few organizations have filled the gap on their own.  Don't be afraid to search for a school that actually teaches what you want to do, even if it's not a college.

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