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Kakeibo Budgeting

If you are not a numbers person, consider kakeibo  budgeting, which is more about mindfulness.

One of the tips is something I do, precisely because I suck at math: pay in cash.  I only carry money in amounts that my brain can reasonably handle.  I don't try to do the math in my head.  Physically handling the cash makes it much easier for me to track.  If I want to buy something online, I hand cash to someone else for it or make a barter arrangement.  For trips or other occasions that require handling larger-than-usual amounts, I subdivide it -- so much per day or per store -- and physically separate the money into those bundles.  This works for me.  I would rather use this simplified method than flail around with more than I can handle, making mistakes and making myself miserable.

Work with the brain you have, not the brain other people wish you had.  Find a budget method that works for you.
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