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Maternal Stress

 ... damages infant brains.  Well, duh.  It also runs up the rate of miscarriage, complications of pregnancy/childbirth, and maternal death.

Doctors are all flibbering about how to fix this.  I imagine their efforts will amount to pestering women who are already stressed to be less stressed.  I sincerely doubt they will do anything concrete to fix it like:

* Oh, you can't afford to move from your studio apartment to a 2-bedroom one so the baby can have a nursery?  No problem, here is free public housing to fix that.

* You're too exhausted to keep working?  Okay, here's a year of paid maternity leave you can start at any time.

* Yes, it's sad that your baby has a health problem, but all the care will be covered.

* I see that you don't have any relatives or close friends to help you take care of the baby.  Don't worry, we have volunteers to help you with that.

It isn't a medical problem, and it's usually not an individual one either.  It's a social problem in that America doesn't give a flying fuck about women in general or pregnant women in particular.  There's little left of the social safety net.  Of course women are stressed; they know they're on their own, and that's stressful.  So if you want them to make happy little baby brains, maybe you should make life suck less.  Otherwise, you don't get what you don't pay for.
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