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Habit Reflection

This study explored many different ways to reinforce a new habit, and found habit reflection the most successful

I looked at it and ... meh.  Writing out an analysis just seems like extra work.  What I learn from past experiences just naturally goes into setting up new ones: my current goal list looks a lot different from the early ones I made.  I know that short-term rewards work well for me: I'll finish this task, then go read something fun.  I know that having a lot of goals helps me accomplish more things.  I'm a lot more comfortable failing to complete a big list, but meeting half of it, than I am failing at just one goal.  And I definitely do better when I set reminders for myself to keep doing things.

Study notwithstanding, my observations indicate that different things work for different people, and if your current methods haven't worked then try new ones.  If you haven't tried habit reflection, its robust performance seems worthy of consideration.
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