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Happy Birthdays

Today we had friends over to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  :D

The menu: Goatherd's Pie, Mushroom Risotto, Qwama Egg Quiche, Spiced Root Cake, and Hot Spiced Cider from the Elder Scrolls Cookbook.  Second-best feast ever at Fieldhaven, after the 18-course Indian feast.  \o/  I  made a pie crust that actually worked!  The rye crust is a pain in the ass to make, but performs brilliantly.  

We did a ritual for new beginnings tonight.  We used my new wave candles.  The wick produces a big, bright, dancing flame along its curve.  :D

Afterwards we tested out my new Kozo game.  It is harder than it looks on the box because of the placement rules -- you have to keep the blocks in a chimney shape, not crossing the center or sticking out.  I dubbed the balance cubes "asshole cubes" because they are placed to block other players' moves.  However, it adds a large element of strategy to a dexterity game.  Also, the storage space inside the box will hold the large blocks if and only if they are assembled into a rectangular solid.  If this is difficult for you to do, I strongly recommend taking notes and/or photos as you disassemble them.  Otherwise, I imagine that lots of people resort to storing theirs in a bag atop the box.  Happily, my_partner_doug is good at puzzles and was able to reassemble them after only a few minutes.
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