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Doll Patterns

Wish fulfillment for [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart:

How to assemble a porcelain doll with a cloth body

Cloth and rag doll patterns

Antique doll clothes patterns

Patterns for dolls and clothes

Patterns for doll clothes and accessories

Note that you can use any cloth doll body pattern that you like which fits the size of china doll pieces you have or can buy. Just omit the parts of the cloth pattern that will be replaced by china. If you have doll parts of the classic head-and-shoulders, full arms, full legs set then all you need is a torso. Make a plain rectangle or hourglass as you prefer, then sew on the china parts and stuff. Most china parts have little holes for sewing. But some have a ring/lip instead: you are supposed to cinch the cloth tightly around that ring with thread. Glue also works but has other disadvantages.
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