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Touching in the Gym

I saw this: Is It Ever OK for Trainers to Touch Someone in the Gym?

There are two occasions when it's okay to touch someone that you don't know well:

1) They said you can.

2) They are about to get hurt and you can prevent it.  Do not overlook the importance of this in a gym where spotting is of the essence and other mishaps may occur.  This also includes other first aid type situations.

Otherwise, noooo touchie.  Closer relationships tend to evolve a freer exchange of contact, but casual acquaintances should be more reserved than close friends.

When in doubt, use a flip chip!  Designed for yoga, they work for any other occasion where hands-on assist may be desired at some times and not at other times.  If the hands-off side is up, just stay well out of reach from the person.  Some people have risky reflexes.  This is an excellent tool for anyone with body-contact issues or who presents events with variable contact.  It makes consent crystal clear without requiring any awkward conversation or explanation.

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