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How to Think Outside the Box

Someone asked me about how to break brainwashing and think outside the box.

im in ur culture wakin up ur sheeple!

Recognize and avoid brainwashing. Understand the nature of brainwashing. You can break free from mind control. There are many ways to free your mind. WARNING: the more you divest yourself of cultural programming, the less you will fit the culture around you, which tends to make your life harder the farther you go.

Help someone who has been brainwashed. WARNING: If you attempt to awaken sheeple, you will be making them less suited to the society they are stuck in. They quite frequently become verbally or even physically violent in response to such attempts. It is very difficult to teach anyone something when their job depends on them not knowing it.

Once you understand imprint vulnerability, you know a lot about how to program and reprogram minds in general. I recommend the whole of Prometheus Rising.

Study neurolinguistic programming. It is not absolute, but it is both useful and illuminating.

Counterconditioning will break damn near anything up to and including severe phobias, and is both less miserable and less dangerous than trying to grind it down with stress-exposure therapy. The key is to stop right at the edge where you begin to feel uncomfortable, and then apply lavish rewards. The "bad" thing quickly gains positive associations and becomes a "good" thing.

Learn logical fallacies and how to make a logical argument.

Additional resources:

Teach and practice creativity and thinking outside the box.

Play games that develop these skills:












Explore EVERYTHING. Learn to be a polymath. Or a Renaissance man. Or a Samurai.

Do things that make you a little uncomfortable. Push your limits safely. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something new. Do something weird.

WARNING: Reality tunnel injuries are agonizing and almost nobody here knows how to treat them. Stretch gently. Safety in mental stretches works just like physical stretches: warm up, stretch to the limit of your comfort, push a little further, hold briefly, then relax. Do not make large sudden movements or keep working through significant pain, because those things can really hurt you. Treating reality tunnel rupture is a lot like treating moral injury in that there are two basic paths: change your behavior (keep the same beliefs and don't make the same mistake again) or change your stance (decide that you made the right decision and adjust your beliefs to match it).

Explore a dozen or two different systems of ethics and philosophy. Identify their principles and how they work. Then pull some dilemmas from current events. Take an issue and argue how each system would say to handle it and why. Notice that each is better at solving some dilemmas than others. This quickly illustrates how there is no "one true way."

You can compare religions similarly. Look for agreements and disagreements.

Identify cultural dimensions or values and examine the opposite of your local examples. Frex, if you live in a capitalist culture, explore a gift economy instead.

Learn a foreign language. Better yet, learn several, and choose them from language families unrelated to your native tongue(s). Learning a somatic language is great if you grew up with a verbal one. Try to think in your new language. I do it like this for methodical study. Immersion also works great. Build your topical vocabulary.

Make friends with disabled people. They have to think creatively because ordinary solutions often don't work for them.

Make friends with neurodiverse people. They naturally think differently.

Make friends with foreigners. They also think differently than your neighbors.

Study animal cognition. What scares a cow is not the same as what scares a typical human.

Above all else: FIND THE OTHERS.
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