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Mad Max on Ice

Russians, gotta love 'em.  They're building postapocalyptic trucks ... that drive over ice and snow.  You have to admire that Russian aesthetic of things that are beat to hell but still run.

I noticed two concerns, though.

1) Bullet holes change air flow.  This decorative feature lets frigid air deep into the guts of your vehicle, unless you have applied a barrier inside and I don't think they're doing that.  Now Russians know a zillion ways to keep vehicles running in truly marginal conditions, but I wouldn't bet on other folks being able to replicate that.

2) Lake ice + global warming + trucks = recipe for disaster sooner or later.  I'm sure the Russians have overlooked this.  They're used to cold as an absolute.  They're going to be blindsided by warming temperatures as badly as the poor Nazis were by General Winter.  :(  So no, I don't recommend driving your madwheelz over deep water anymore.  Frozen ground, sure, and if you want ice there are ways to get it that don't involve lakes or rivers.

But that video still rocks.  :D

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