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Life Drawing Improves Body Image

Something artists have known since the first finger-fluter scribbled the other people in the cave on its wall: life drawing teaches you to see the human form as beautiful.  All of it. 

So if you're working to improve your body image, take a life drawing class.  Or model for one, because the artists will make amazing art of you.  Anatomy for artists also helps, because the human body is pretty cool. 

Can't afford that?  Get a pencil, some paper, and a few friends.  Take turns modeling and drawing.   Try gesture sketching, where you try to capture the shape of the pose in a few minutes rather than its details.  Nude or clothed doesn't matter much, but you do need to see enough of the body shape to draw it accurately, so think swimsuits or snug exercise clothes if you're not into artistic nudes.  Draping is a bit more advanced because it's so easy to get distracted by the fabric.  It doesn't have to be great art, just have fun with it.

Not an artist and don't want to fool around with it anyway?  Go to a decent art museum and look at the paintings or sculptures.  You'll see a lot of body types because the fashions have changed over time, and they're all beautiful in their own way.  Artists are really good at showing you how to see things as they do.  Join a tour, if you like, and let an experienced guide point out nifty things.
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