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Dessert Stomach

Apparently people tend to eat dessert even when stuffed

Me, I don't like the feeling of being stuffed.  I usually stop eating before I am all the way full.  My success rate at an Indian restaurant is only about 50% because it's hard to resist a dozen different kinds of delicious food.  But pretty much anywhere else I can usually do it ... partly because I practice on Indian feasts.  

I was amused to see the article claim that diversifying tastes increases satiety.  Yeah, no.  I still want that gulab jamun at the end.  But it is the size of a donut hole, I eat one, and I try to save room in advance.  Bear in mind that Indian cuisine strongly supports diversifying flavors.  Sure, people get bored with the same food, but don't bet on diversity assisting the brakes.  It just makes me want to try a couple bites of everything.  Of course, I'm a freak, but everyone else at Indian restaurants seems to try all the foods too.  And then order dessert.  
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