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Poem: "first touch of microfyne"

Here is today's freebie, prompted by [personal profile] ari_the_dodecahedron. It also fills the "genius" square in my 1-1-20 card for the Less Usual Bingo Patterns fest. This poem belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics.

first touch of microfyne
-- haiku verses

what is the feeling?
first touch of microfyne, oh --
like pussywillows!

microfyne blanket:
probability of sleep
soft as kitten paws

what genius is this?
microfyne equals balance
zen in a blanket!

* * *


Haiku is a type of Japanese poetry usually done as a syllabic (5-7-5) form in English.

Kireji (切れ字 or "cutting word") refers to a type of words used in Japanese poetry to create emphasis or separation.

The first verse uses English equivalents of these:
• か ka: emphasis; when at end of a phrase, it indicates a question
• 哉 / かな kana: emphasis; usually can be found at a poem's end, indicates wonder

The second verse uses an English equivalent of this:
• 〜らむ / 〜らん -ramu or -ran: verbal suffix indicating probability

The third verse uses an English equivalent of these:
• か ka: emphasis; when at end of a phrase, it indicates a question
• や ya: emphasises the preceding word or words. Cutting a poem into two parts, it implies an equation, while inviting the reader to explore their interrelationship.[6]
• 哉 / かな kana: emphasis; usually can be found at a poem's end, indicates wonder

Kigo are seasonal keywords. Pussywillows evoke early spring and the joy of reviving life.

Microfyne is a relatively new "very smart" material in Terramagne-America retro-engineered from gizmology, foomp, which was itself derived from the super-gizmotronic ArgoFoam. Microfyne was actually intended as a shock-absorbing insulation to cushion impact, switching from the expensive argon-activated foam structure to microfibers. But the inventor's cat kept stealing his samples to make a nest, and then his daughter would steal them from the cat. When asked, she explained, "It's all warm and fuzzy, and it makes me feel safe." Further investigation revealed unique thermal retention properties, in that it stores heat as well as insulating against heat loss, while responding to changes in body temperature to prevent overheating. It is thermotaxic, buffering toward standard human body temperature, so that it fluffs in response to lower temperatures and flattens at higher ones. Microfyne also provides a subtle yet definite boost to emotional state, higher than that from other materials used in comfort objects. Not many people have noticed yet, but it's resistant to many superpowers; some may get through the holes, but the material itself usually can't be affected. Microfyne retains the hypoallergenic nature of the original gizmology but is cheaper to produce, so has recently been released to emergency services for shock blankets. It is still under patent protection, as the composition differs enough from ArgoFoam and foomp.
A subsequent application is for comfort objects used in EFA, followed by introducing those and the blankets to the prison system in hopes of connecting with inmates. Certain types of local-American microfiber share the soothing and warming qualities of Microfyne although they lack the smarter features.
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