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Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid

The Blue Lake Rancheria has developed a microgrid of solar power that can operate with or without the wider commercial grid. If the main grid goes down, the microgrid automaticallly switches to "island mode" and runs independently. During a recent outage, it enabled tribal services to continue uninterrupted and provided a refuge for nearby people with special needs. This has already saved at least 4 lives.

I am so excited!  I've been saying for years that tribal nations should build their own systems of green energy.  This shows how that can work -- and it's a rancheria, not even a full-size reservation.  Bigger will be better, more powerful.  \o/  Lots of reservations are in places ideal  for green energy: solar again in Nevada, wind in Nebraska, etc.  Aho!
Tags: a little slice of terramagne, activism, energy, environment, ethnic studies, news, safety
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