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Loving More

This article talks about whether you should love your husband or your children more.

A great big fuck no to that. A healthy person should be able to love their parents, siblings, partner(s), child(ren), and self. And chocolate! This is not a zero-sum game. It is not a pie where one person's piece takes food out of someone else's mouth. Love is something that grows the more you give it away. If you're thinking in terms of who you love "more" then you've already fucked up.

People desperately need better relationship skills. They need self-compassion, intimacy, compersion, spending time alone and together in different combinations. These skills are declining, and it is becoming more of a problem. Loneliness kills people. That attitude of dickering over who you love "more" -- it's a recipe for loneliness. Avoid it like the plague. Love everyone who makes your life better. Love them differently. And show it in their own love language, which is unlikely to be the same for all of them.

Try this instead:
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