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Less Usual Bingo Patterns Card 1-1-20

[personal profile] yntoila is hosting the Less Usual Bingo Patterns Fest over on [community profile] allbingo from January 1-January 31. Look at all the different designs you can make!  (See all my 2020 bingo cards.)

If you'd like to sponsor a particular square, especially if you have an idea for what character, series, or situation it would fit -- talk to me and we'll work something out. I've had a few requests for this and the results have been awesome so far. This is a good opportunity for those of you with favorites that don't always mesh well with the themes of my monthly projects. I may still post some of the fills for free, because I'm using this to attract new readers; but if it brings in money, that means I can do more of it. That's part of why I'm crossing some of the bingo prompts with other projects, such as the Poetry Fishbowl.

Underlined prompts have been filled.


NightRemorseFirst performance Pick up trashTraumatic Brain Injury
Writing your name on a wall DisasterWILD CARDEarthDiscovering your orientation
WarInjuryFireGenius Fish 
ParenthoodTalent Give yourself a treat Family visitMaple Syrup
Tags: bingo card, cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, poetry, reading, writing
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