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Today is a bright sunny winter day.  I took window cleaner and shined up my window prisms.  Now I have more rainbows.  :D  I'm more prone to do housework that actually achieves something I care  about. 

After lunch, we hung up all the new wall calendars for the year.  \o/  They're pretty much all nature images of some sort, mostly wilderness scenes.  One is tropical, though, and we always put a flower calendar in the bathroom.

The birds are out. I've seen at least 3 cardinals, a downy woodpecker, and a flock of sparrows.  They don't need food, though, the feeders still have some.  I haven't seen any at the suet feeders even after I hung up the older more accessible one.  :/  I'll give it a while longer, but I may need a new location.
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