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Bullies at the Birdfeeder

Some people like squirrels, blue jays, woodpeckers, and other assertive guests.  But it's kind of a bummer when they chase away everyone else.  Here are some ideas to deal with that ...








I handle this issue primarily by offering feeders in different locations.  The hopper feeder, thistle sock, and small tray feeder are in the forest garden just east of the house.  The suet feeder is in the birdgift tree just south of the house.  The fly-through feeder is in the apricot tree south of the house and a little west of the suet.  No bully can cover all that territory.  At other times I have had feeders on the west and north sides of the house, although I don't right now.

For additional impact, offer different foods in widely separated locations.  One feeder station with many foods will crowd all your critters together.  If you put the thistle seed and safflower seed far away from a feeder with sunflower seeds, corn, or peanuts then the bigger critters are unlikely to go after small disfavored seeds and will gravitate toward the bigger stuff.

If you want to get fancy, pick any small technological item for outdoor use that moves when activated.  You can either rig it to activate based on weight or other trigger, or you can watch your feeder(s) and manually activate it from indoors whenever bullies appear.  This is easier than rapping on the door/window or going outside to run them off.  If you're persistent enough, you may convince them that your yard is too much trouble.
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