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Happy New Year! and Post Muscadine Grape Juice

So we toasted in the New Year with Post Muscadine Grape Juice.  If you are unfamiliar with muscadines, they are Southern grapes with an intensely sweet flavor that has floral and musky notes.  (Some idiots are trying to breed out basically everything that makes a muscadine a muscadine.  A blight upon them, I say!)  Alas, these grapes only grow in warm climates and are rarely sold in stores or even farmer's markets.  Skip all that and just buy yourself a bottle of the juice.  It smells and tastes exactly  like muscadine grapes, less the flesh and the seeds.  That heady aroma, the burst of sweetness and symphonic arpeggio of floral notes descending into rumbles of musk, like distilled late-summer afternoon: all present and accounted for.

I am all asquee!  :D  And this is now a permanent addition to my wishlist, suitable celebratory beverage for any special occasion.

Best. Toast. Ever.
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