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How to Enjoy New Year

There are many things you can do to have a safe and fun New Year's holiday.

* Celebrate with family and friends.

* Don't like parties? It's Nestivus time!

* Either way, it's totally fine to do that at home. There are lots of things you could do ... especially if you are bumming at the computer right now wishing you'd made actual plans. It's not too late until the ball drops!

* Stay safe. If there will be recreational intoxicants, stay put until everyone is sober -- or deploy designated drivers, make sure they have fun, and reward them generously (there's an app for that now). Practice party awareness. Stock a party monitor kit. Know some effective ways to interrupt sexual harassment, bullying, or other mayhem. Keep your eyes open and you could be a hero. It doesn't take super powers, just super paying attention and actually giving a shit.

* If you choose to consume recreational intoxicants, do so safely. Know how to prevent and treat alcohol poisoning, and how to handle a drunk friend. Know how to deal with other overdoses too. Make sure nobody drives impaired.

* For those who do not enjoy recreational intoxicants, consider alternatives such as mocktails, nonalcoholic punches, and warming winter drinks. In bottled goods, look for craft sodas or exotic fruit juices. Sober options should be at least as exciting as intoxicating options, if not more so.

* Anticipate that some other people will make mistakes on New Year's Eve and pay for that the next day. Be prepared with soothing foods and beverages, first aid medications, and other self-care resources. If you can provide aspirin or ginger chews to a hungover friend, you will be their hero.

* Plan to do something cool to start 2020 on the right foot.
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