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Character and content notes for "Celebrate and Cherish"

These are the character and content notes for "Celebrate and Cherish."

Alfreda Wilby -- She has fair skin, almond-shaped blue eyes, and long straight brown hair. She has pointed ears. She is an elf, but born in Terramagne to refugee parents who arrived in 1978; she is 36 years old in 2015. Alfreda has a hard time passing for human, although most people simply think she is wearing a costume or has superpowers. She lives on the Open Circle Organic Farm in Illinois, near the Allerton Circle School where she teaches. Graceful and patient, she has a soothing aura that calms restless children. She knows all about the land and enjoys sharing that with others.
Origin: She was born with her abilities, as a species gift rather than as superpowers.
Uniform: Alfreda loves long dresses and flowing robes, so people often take her style for bohemian. However, she likes jeans and flannels, or other practical clothes, for working in the wilderness. She favors blue and other cool colors, along with neutrals, and occasionally other jewel tones.
Qualities: Good (+2) Circle School Teacher, Good (+2) Graceful, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence, Good (+2) Patient, Good (+2) Soothing
Poor (-2) Passing for Human
Powers: Good (+2) Forest Magic
Motivation: To care for the land.

Take a look at the elven side of Alfreda's wardrobe:
Bodices (black, green, plum, wine, blue)
Tank top tunics (teal, red, brown, black)
Embroidered tunics (red, green, white)
Long-sleeved soulflower tunics (blue, green, purple, black, white with rainbow symbols)
Angel-wing tunics (brown over evergreen, twilight over lapis, lapis over cobalt, hunter over evergreen, brown over brown sugar, black over steel, charcoal over white; see color chart)
Gauze blouses (purple, green, white, blue, black, red)

Layered skirts (turquoise, red, flint, ocean, earth, coal)
Handkerchief skirts (black, red, green, purple, mulberry)
Plain maxiskirts (black, red, burgundy, purple, green, blue)

Leather overdress (chestnut, black, gray, blue, night blue, fir, purple)
Embroidered long-sleeved dresses (red, blue, green, black)
Short-sleeved dresses (red, black, emerald, brown, turquoise, white, purple)
Angel-wing chemises (scarlet, blue, black, green, white, crimson)
Alfreda's festival dress

Wrap hoods (teal, wine, brown, black)
Autumn coat
Winter robes (teal, blue, red)

Vine sandals
Tree-climbing sandals
Dancing shoes
Decorated shoes (wine, green, white)
Ankle boots (tan, black, purple)
Blue ankle boots
Green boots
Ivory boots
Silver cage boots

Blue and silver chain headdress
Crescent moon diadem

Earrings with Celtic trinity knot and moonstone
Earrings with ivy leaf
Earrings with crescent moon
Earrings with stud birthstones
Earrings with celestial studs

Crescent moon cuff bracelet
Ocean swirl cuff bracelet
Trinity cuff bracelet
Moonstone arm band
Ivy leaf arm band

Handflower trinity knot
Handflower sapphire stones

This set of 10 stacking rings includes 6 with a round cabochon (ruby, garnet, iolite, sapphire, rainbow moonstone, or green peridot) and 4 plain silver bands.
Ring sapphire oval cabochon
Ring moonstone
Ring trinity
Ring ivy

Necklace with Celtic ivy leaves
Torc with trinity knot and sapphire

Trinity knot cloak pin
Ivy leaf cloak pin

Read about elven fashion.

* * *

“Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity.”
-- Deborah Meier

Good places for babies don't happen by accident.

Children benefit from a wall mirror.  This is Dairinne's.

Waldorf materials at home include toys for babies.

Raising Pagan kids involves all kinds of activities.  Check out the Pooka Pages.

This worksheet is typical of activities at a Pagan school. It encourages people to get out and do things, pay attention to nature. Although designed for preschool age, it also works for infants with an older person pointing out things, or as a prompt for older students to explore with their senses. After the nature walk, a teacher may discuss the spiritual meaning and uses of items that the students have just discovered.

An oxhorn is a historic instrumentSee one here.

Mallory's breastfeeding hoodie is blue with white stars.

Hoodoo oils have magical qualities.  Steady Work is one example.

Waldorf dolls have blank or simplistic faces, but sometimes more elaborate outfits, whether full-size dolls or miniature ones.  The Mooncoin Store sells a wide range of tiny theatrical dolls including Imbolc, Red Witch, Sun Moon and Star (front, back), math symbols, and numbers.  You can make simple peg dolls or add felt embellishments at home.

Dairinne gets a plush set of sun, moon, and star.

The Mooncoin Store has reusable bags with a triple moon symbol.

Dairinne's babbling is precocious. Heron hasn't noticed because he spends so much time around smart people that he thinks it's typical.

Read about the Great Snow Dance.

Paper dolls come in many styles.  Here are some printable ones, which will last longer if you put them on cardstock.  You can also cut them out of a catalog and glue them to stiffer paper.

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