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Yule Ritual

We held our Yule ritual today.

Supper was corned beef, mashed potatoes, and Sonic green apple gelatin made with unsweetened applesauce instead of water -- very tangy.  Red, white, and green!  :D  For dessert we had strawberry frozen yogurt.  my_partner_doug is having so much fun with his new Vitamix!  The stuff came out creamy smooth, quite sour, but good.  If you find typical desserts too sweet for your taste, consider these.

We used a Norse theme for the ritual, invoking Mother Earth and Father Sky, with 9 gold balls on the World Tree to stand for the 9 Realms.  The black balls held runes.  We did a torchlit procession through the snow -- that was beautiful. We hadn't done that before and it was exciting.  The fire blazed up really well.  We put the Yule Goat on it, and as soon as he was ablaze, he fell over with his legs in the air, dead!  :D  That's the first time I've seen an effigy sacrifice actually move around.  We sang "Deck the Halls."  Odin as gift-giver handed out some of the rune ornaments.  Then we went back inside to wrap up.

After the ritual feedback, we also did our gift exchange.  That was fun.

It's been a good day.

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