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Notes for "The Candle Burns"

Here are the notes for "The Candle Burns."

Zvonimir -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and long wavy brown hair usually pulled back in a ponytail. He is a traveling minstrel who also sells sheet music and simple musical instruments such as pipes and tambourines.

Lóránt the woodcutter -- He has fair skin, blue eyes, and short curly chestnut hair. He is the brother of Dorottya and brother-in-law of Dénes the brewer. Lóránt cuts and delivers firewood. He also makes wooden bowls, toys, and other items which he sells in a shop next to the brewery. He has an assistant, Clyde.

Clyde -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short black hair. After escaping from a fire, he has burn scars. The worst injuries were on his hands and his back; he used his left arm to cover his eyes, protecting them, and has some scars on the right side of his face. With careful treatment from Victor and Igor, the burns healed pretty well, so the scars aren't obtrusive and don't impede movement. Currently Clyde works for Lóránt the woodcutter.

Crina in Sweater-Coat

Danior -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short light brown hair. He is the son of Zsófia, and was born with two teeth.

Zsófia -- She has fair skin, brown eyes, and long wavy brown hair. She is the mother of Danior, who was born with two teeth.

Imre the blacksmith -- He has fair skin, blue eyes, and short red hair. He is the father of Beniamen, but his eldest son had no gift for smithing, and went over the ridge to apprentice with an orchardist who has no children; Iosif, a younger son; and several daughters including Anca, who shows some interest in smithcraft.


Autism is one form of neurodiversity. Victor and Igor seem to take the scientific perspective that every species shows a range of natural variation, and that's nothing to fuss about. Assorted language disorders or other issues can make someone nonverbal. That doesn't mean they can't think or communicate in other ways. Toma doesn't talk much, and balks at a lot of civilization, but he can understand language and respond to people.

Răzvan -- He has fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair that bleaches blond in the sun. He is an itinerant teacher who rambles around several neighboring valleys bringing hornbooks and slates for children to learn from. He also carries news for the adults, making him popular. Răzvan is absent-minded and prone to repetitive behavior. He has taken to spending more time in the valley because Victor and Igor protect him against anyone who might try to take advantage.

Executive Function Disorder can manifest as absent-mindedness or various other ways. Răzvan has figured out how to handle his and can teach others to deal with it.

One of the Hunters, Herr Weisskopf
He has white skin, lavender eyes, and short wavy white hair with a mustache and beard. His face is very long, with high cheekbones and very red lips. As a child, he was kidnapped by hunters because he looked different, and trained to be one of them.

See the exterior and interior of the poison cabinet disguised as a book. Read a more detailed exploration.

DONATUS, Hyacinthus. Additionum ad practicam tomus quartus, amplectens plures tractatus. Neapoli : ex typographia Nouelli de Bonis, 1661. 2°. Lich. D740 — Rerum Regularium quadripartita praxis resolutoria, in duos tomos distributa. Neapoli : typis Iacobi Gaffari expensis Io. Dominici Bove, 1652. 2°. Lich (vol. 1 only, in 2 pts). D741

Rerum regularium:
quadripartita praxis resolutoria : in duos tomos distributa : in quorum primo complectente primam et secundam partem ... /
authore ... F. Hyacinto Donato ...

[Character by Dialecticdreamer]
Zolten Ervin – the chandler is Hungarian by birth. Dark hair and eyes,
swarthy skin. (Name means 'energy, and nickname is Zu). After his first
wife's death, Zolten remarried “sooner than was seemly,” but he was
DROWNING in grief and overwhelmed by trying to care for all but Bodi, who
had left for his apprenticeship just after the birth of Tamás. Agota
supports him, and enjoys the traditional role of housewife and
caretaker, but is pushing strongly for the girls to be at least as
educated as the boys, which led to some unfriendly gossip calling her

Nicușor has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair with just a hint of mustache. He took over a farm not long after Artúr's farm was raffled off, but without paying the buy-in fee or gaining approval from the mazil. As Gheorghe's health failed, he spent more and more time in Zalău with relatives, and then just didn't come back, so Nicușor took advantage of the opportunity. He was inspired by his older cousin Ionatan, who took over an abandoned farm shortly before Victor and Igor moved into the valley.

Július -- He is a teenage boy, son of Reznik the butcher and currently learning the family trade.

Doru -- He has fair skin with freckles, brown eyes, and short dark hair. He is the son of the old kennel-keeper, who retired when the castle went empty, taking the dogs down to the lakeside. Doru has grown up with the pack of Irish wolfhounds, whom he loves with all his heart, training them and keeping them healthy. But ever since the new mazil arrived and had no interest in hunting, Doru has feared that the dogs would get sold, so he kept both the dogs and himself out of sight.

Costin Bălan -- He has pale skin, brown eyes, and short blonde hair with a little wave. He is tall and sturdy. He a farmer, growing primarily grains. His family tends toward male infertility. Costin is an only child; his father has one sister; and his grandfather was also an only child. When he marries Ruxandra, they ask first Victor and then Igor for assistance conceiving offspring.

* * *

"The candle burns not for us, but for all those whom we failed to rescue from prison, who were shot on the way to prison, who were tortured, who were kidnapped, who 'disappeared'. That's what the candle is for."
-- Peter Benenson

Many types of fur make excellent clothing.

Walking vendors often sell small, lightweight items from a wooden rack. This lets them cover a wider area and displays individual items better than a pile on a table would. Skeins of yarn or other fiber fit securely on hooks like this.

merde nf familier (excrément solide) (excrement: vulgar, slang) shit, crap n
(piece of excrement) turd n
(informal) mess n
Il y a toujours une merde de chien sur le trottoir.
There's always some dog shit on the pavement.
Yuck! I've got dog mess on my shoe!

This is Victor's silent dog whistle.

Christian burial may be denied to those who have not lived in keeping with Church tenets. Victor has wisely left this issue to the village priest, stipulating only that the offender's remains not be interred in the Church cemetery.
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