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Location notes for "Dance in the Sun"

Here are the location notes for "Dance in the Sun."

This is Simon and Tolliver's house. The basement uses the same floor plan as the 2nd floor. This is the 1st floor plan.

The basement weight room is in the optional storage area on floor plan. The accessible bathroom in the basement has a sink, toilet, and shower.

On the main floor, the foyer is next to the formal dining room., connected by arches. Here is a closeup of the butler's pantry. Beyond the dining room and foyer lies the living room.

Accessible kitchen design offers many variations. Most of the house has an open floor plan with hardwood floors for easy travel. The kitchen island has kneespace on the back side where it faces the stove. (Notice that the front panels are just decorative, without handles.) That is Simon's primary workspace, and it's wide enough for someone else to work with him either on the same side or from the paneled side. Workboards pull out from between drawers and cabinets to provide secondary workspace all around the kitchen. The dishwasher racks pull out too. The shallow sink has a tall faucet and pull-out sprayer. The refrigerator-freezer has upper and lower doors for easy access. The gas ovens are under the rangetop, and the electronic controls can be manipulated from a smartphone or other device. The only thing that's completely out of reach is the microwave oven, which Simon hates using. Kitchen stools and stepladders are stored in the hall closet behind the refrigerator.

The powder room is a freestanding roomlet between the kitchen and the living room (left to right) and the dining room and the breakfast room (front to back).

The laundry room has a sink wall and a cabinet wall.

A cubby wall divides the kitchen from the family room. A fireplace warms the family room.

The breakfast room has built-in shelves and a door to the back porch.

The master bedroom belongs to Simon and Tolli. It has a roll-in closet. The master bathroom is fully accessible with a jacuzzi tub and a roll-in shower. Simon's vanity has kneespace while Tolli's has cabinets.

There are two spare bedrooms near the master bedroom. When Drew and Halley are staying with Simon and Tolli, this one with built-in bookshelves is Halley's bedroom, and this one is Drew's bedroom. The common bathroom is accessible too, although it doesn't have the extra turning space.

Shiv has the bonus room above the garage, its walls done in sandy yellow and white. Shiv's bed has a beautiful brass frame. The dressing bench stands at the foot of the bed. Shiv's sunrise painting hangs over the bed. His bedroom set includes a chest, dresser, nightstand, and desk painted creamy white with brass knobs. A mirror framed in brass pipe hangs above Shiv's dresser. His desk chair is brass with a white leather seat. Shiv also has a set of three brass lamps with white shades. The tall floor lamp stands near the stairs, away from the ceiling lights. One short lamp goes on the nightstand and the other on the desk. There is one seashell nightlight in the bedroom and another in the bathroom. Shiv finds the sharp points reassuring, and he can always find the nightlights even if they aren't shining.

When Shiv learns how to knit, he uses the ends of yarn left over from other projects. Instead of making individual practice swatches, he sticks them all together -- he didn't realize the instructions expected each one to be separate. Pretty soon he winds up with a whole afghan. You can see his love of variegated and textured yarns. Many of these are ripple or slub yarns, some are visibly fuzzy, and a few are smooth. The colors suit his room at Simon and Tolliver's house. He uses a few different simple stitches to show off the yarns.

This is Shiv's bathroom upstairs. Tolli has placed extra toiletries in an old drawer atop the toilet tank. It includes a wash cloth, hand soap, travel sized shampoo and conditioner, room spray, nail files, a small sewing kit, and sundry other things.

An elevator now connects the upper story, garage, and basement.
Dialecticdreamer has mentioned a chair lift, but I think one of the floors is inaccessible, or was at one time. I also saved an elevator in case it's needed.

A compass rose in the back yard provides a public teleport pad, and the garage holds another made of rubber mats for teleporters well known to the family.

Simon and Tolli originally installed this smoking shed in the back yard because many veterans smoke. It has a thick concrete floor, a roof, partial sides, and a wraparound bench. They also use it for outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and so forth. Behind the shed you can see the edge of an outdoor Connect Four game. There is a small ashcan inside the shed in the hidden corner, and a larger garbage can behind the shed.

This is the barn. The chestnut horse on the left is Flo, the lead mare. The bay horse on the right is Walnut. Not shown is Buttercup, a gelding. See the first floor plan. The hay room has a pull-down ladder to the hayloft that goes up through the pitch hole.

This is the second floor plan. The door to the apartment is in the laundry room/foyer at the back of the barn, and opens on the exterior stairs. The side door to the apartment goes to the hayloft. The main door to the hayloft is also at the back of the barn. The barn apartment is variously used as guest space or longer-term housing, usually for veterans working with Simon and Tolli. The living room is a large open space with a kitchen in one corner. The bedroom has a rustic bed. The bathroom has a sink, a shower, and a toilet.

Tolliver has a blacksmith shop at his home. The interior includes a traditional brick forge and a modern propane forge. The power hammer and swage block offer more ways of shaping metal. The minifridge holds sport drinks and water.

Diamond board is metal such as steel that has been stamped with a pattern for traction. It's often used to make running boards for trucks, which may later be scavenged for other projects. Here it makes a conspicuous divider between the more safe and more risky parts of the workshop.
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