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Today's Adventures

We went shopping in Champagne-Urbana today.

For lunch we stopped at the Cuban Grill.  Sadly they don't carry goat anymore.  :(

At the wild bird store, I got birdseed and a new feeder.  This one is a suet cage with a wide copper roof, which discourages most birds from eating the suet.  It is readily accessible to woodpeckers, nuthatches, and other clinging birds.

We went to World Harvest for spices, ruby chocolate, and a few other things.  I found the amchur I need to make a shadrasa masala, but I forgot what else I need for it.  >_<  They didn't have a cheese expert in today, just a regular clerk.

At Common Ground, we stumbled across some new yogurts.  One is rose flavored.  We subsequently bought a strawberry yogurt beverage and frozen strawberries to experiment with that.  Another is a sheep's yogurt flavored with blackberries.  I'm dubious of its edibility, as most "healthy" yogurt is too sour for me, but 1) it's blackberry and 2) it has about 13 different cultures.  I figure even if tastes terrible, I don't need a lot to boost my microbiome.  (Most humans don't think of themselves as an ecosystem, but I am weird that way.)

We went to Cheese & Crackers and found some cheese worth bringing home.  Their cheese clerk didn't know which cheeses were no or low salt either.

Shopping at Marketplace Mall, we found the first of three fruity lemonades today, strawberry, from Annie's Pretzels.  We needed something to go with the pretzel bites.  <3 soft pretzels.  I stopped at the native store and bought a T-shirt.  Sadly they were out of all the animal ones, but I found one with Native American principles on it.  We browsed various clothing stores, and I found two splendid pairs of pants: one the same corrugated velour in black as my previous olive pair, and one smooth in ice blue.  \o/  On the way out, we hit the smoothie place for a mango lemonade.  It's tangy more than sweet.  I like being able to find beverages that are not just soda.

For supper, we finally got around to trying Blaze Pizza.  We were too fried to think creatively, so we got half-and-half Meat Eaters and BBQ Chicken minus a few things we dislike.  The pizza is really quite good.  They have a whole bar of fresh ingredients that we intend to play with when we are less tired and more brain.  In addition to the soda bar they have several other beverages which evidently rotate over time.  At the moment these include a blood orange lemonade, which we got and I loved, as well as a pear-cucumber aqua fresca that I'd like to try another day.  Highly recommended.  It took a little extra time to get out on account of my partner Doug giving an impromptu magic show, which was great fun to watch.

Then at Wal-Mart, along with the regular groceries, I spotted the new mint Kit-Kat bar.  Instant favorite.  It is like a crunchy Andes mint.

Harvest Market had some good finds too, like a yellow dragonfruit, the raw sesame seeds we need for a couple of recipes, and gourmet hamburgers.  :D  They didn't have anyone who knew about unsalted cheeses, though.  Guess I'll have to do that myself.

It has been a good day.

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