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Icelandic and Computers

People are whining that computers don't understand Icelandic and how this threatens the language. 

Cry me a river, bitches, I'm looking at languages with one or a few natives speakers left.  You have hundreds of thousands.  You want your gadgets to understand Icelandic?  Fantastic, go MAKE some.  The only reason computers favor English is that people made them that way.  Do the world a favor, write an operating system in Icelandic that'll be harder for non-native speakers to hack.  If you want an easier exercise, write a standard app but put the commands in Icelandic.  You want your language to be relevant to modern life?  Write stories, make podcasts, put on plays, whatever.  No bottleneck means no excuses, you can put anything online now.  You HAVE a writing system.  Don't like the keyboard?  Reprogram the damn thing and paint over the keys like small-language fans generally do.  Or hey, since you have a government, you could fund a project to make Icelandic keyboards.

White people problems.  >_<  Normally I am sympathetic to language survival issues, but really.
Tags: cyberspace theory, ethnic studies, linguistics, news
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