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The Oldest Footprints

 ... now date back to the Ediacaran Period.

I am fascinated by fossil footprints.  This includes modern fossils made in concrete, which are fairly common if you know to look for them.  When I was little, my father poured concrete to make patios at our house and we would put our handprints in them.  Not long ago I was out walking around town and spotted some in a sidewalk where people had stepped in wet concrete.  I stopped to examine the tracks and commented on what they indicated.  You could see which ones were made when the concrete was nearly dry or the person was lighter, because they weren't very deep.  Some others had sunk in farther and pushed up a hump of concrete around them.  Whether or not it cracked would tell how dry it was at the time. 

I've permed a lot of this information, it just pops into my head without prompted.  I didn't even have a tracking mentor this life.  I've read some things from books, but most of it's farmemory and observation.  I love looking at tracks whether fossil or fresh.
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