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Rising Suicide

Suicide rates are skyrocketing.  That's just a general number, by the way.  If you look at higher-risk populations such as doctors, lawyers, veterans, or Native Americans then it's even worse.

This is what it looks like when people dump society like a bad boyfriend.  Fuck you, I'm leaving.  We've really built a society that is just plain bad for people.  Not all of them will put up with it.  That's sad.

There are many things we could do to make life more attractive than death, but America generally doesn't want to do them.  Suicide materials are all about stopping people from escaping, and teaching them to "tolerate" challenges -- not actually trying to make their lives more livable.  Like say, ensuring everyone can afford a home to live in, or not running leaky oil pipes across a reservation.  Nobody wants to do that.  I swear, it's like listening to the shitty boyfriend whine that he doesn't have a drinking problem and doesn't need couples therapy.  And the next thing you know, her taillights are disappearing down the road.
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