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A Whole New Flavor of Racism

Just when you think you've seen all the stupid shit that racism can do, a whole new monstrosity arises.  Statistical analysis of advertising indicates that ads targeting black and Hispanic people overwhelmingly promote unhealthy foods, thus contributing to their poor health.  O_O  Considering how many people die from diet-related diseases (e.g. heart failure, diabetes) this is a subtle form of economic and culinary genocide.  

It just makes me want to beat the food companies over the head with ethnic food pyramids.  The African pyramid actually has greens at the base.  The Hispanic one is decent, if less detailed.

I imagine if this nonsense happened in Terramagne, the culprits would be obliged to spend equivalent amounts promoting things like leafy greens (Afro-American) or nixtamalized corn products (Hispanic) to make up for the damage.
Tags: economics, ethnic studies, food, news, politics, safety
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