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Today's Adventures

We went out holiday shopping today.

First we stopped at the mall in Mattoon.  We had just gotten lunch from the fair food counter when a fellow wandered over to chat with the owner -- and he was one of the organizers for the new business incubator.  A little while ago I had stumbled across that while researching business incubators for a poem, and was surprised to find that we might get one locally.  It looks like it's coming together.  \o/  Elevate should be opening early next year, depending how fast the mall people can do their part of it.  The idea is to offer networking opportunities and work space.  I have all the space I need here, but I'd be interesting in connecting with other folks locally.  It was a lot of fun just brainstorming ideas.

Sometimes, when I've been reading all the articles about crappy things happening or getting stuck in desperately unsuitable social occasions, I wonder if I just don't like people.  But then I meet someone on my level and there's no hesitation, no boredom, no fucking smalltalk -- I hailed a total stranger because I'd read about his project online, and we just sat down and talked about how to fix the local economy and social problems like isolation and lack of facetime.  And it was awesome.  I had thought the moment I read about this group that they seemed like fun, and yeah, I was right.  :D  So much fun.  *chuckle*  I think Carlos was just as delighted to meet people who wanted to hear about his cool business project.

After that wrapped up, we actually got to the shopping part.  I had no luck in the first store, but enough near misses to try there again in spring or thereabouts.  Second store, I found a very nice pair of soft burgundy pants that'll match some sweaters and a turtleneck I already have, although ideally I'd like to find a top of the same material.  It's like that fuzzy gray sweatsuit I scored last year that I love so much, and I've been finding more of it this year, so there's hope.  The problem is that most of the tops I'm finding are either almost identical to the gray one I already have, or they're cut with fashion seams I can't stand.  >_<  But I will keep looking.  Third store, I found a top with 3/4 sleeves which is my preferred style for autumn and spring when short sleeves are too cool and long sleeves too warm.  I got three of those in different colors.  \o/  So after much hunting, I'm starting to restock some of my basics that had worn out.

Finally we swung by the grocery store to pick up some fresh ingredients for tomorrow's supper.  We have friends coming over then.

It's been a good day.  
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