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First Yardening Day

Yesterday I noticed that the spring flowers are sprouting. Today was a beautiful day, so housemate and I went out and did some yardening. We pulled the leaves and other botanical trash off the little crocus patch by the house, and the big daffodil patch and tulip patch by the driveway, and we got most of the leaves and weeds raked away from the sides of the patches. The first few crocus blooms are showing yellow, so they should be open tomorrow. Yay, flowers! Tulips, daffodils, and snowdrops are also sprouting but have no buds yet. The columbine in with the crocus is showing tiny curled leaves.

Tonight is still warm, with clouds racing over the gibbous moon. The wind smells of wet mud again. Spring is shouldering its way up through the last frosty fragments of winter.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal

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